With the abundance of programming languages ​​these days, and the huge programming information available online, it may be difficult for beginners like you to know where to start. When it comes to programming language for beginners, C is an excellent choice. Not only will it teach you the basics of programming, this language is also powerful and widely used in industry today.

Here are the reasons why C is a great programming language to start with:

1. You cannot learn Java or C directly.

In order to learn and master C and Java languages, you must have a rocky concept of programming elements like layers, polymorphs, inheritance, and others. Come to think about it, how would you learn complex concepts like these if you were not familiar with the basic elements of computer programming? The language starting from scratch is C and its basic concepts are the basis of any other programming concepts we have these days.

2. This is the basis for C, C #, and Java.

C and C # are C-based programming languages. Java also derives its concept from syntax and programming from C. This is known as the world's most popular programming language and is also derived from the C language.

3. Objects that need object-oriented programming (OOP) written in C.

Use Java, C #, and C OOP. Although powerful, not all programs use it and those that use it are still written in C language.

4. C boasts unbeatable performance.

When it comes to execution speed, C is unparalleled.

5. Most parts of Linux, Windows and Unix are written in C.

So if you want to program this OS, or if you want to run your programs in the mentioned operating systems, it's best to be familiar with C.

6. Drivers of modern tools are written in C.

Why is it so? Well, because C gives users access to the basic elements of a computer. It also gives you direct access to your CPU memory by pointers. You can also use C to control bits and bytes.

7. Cell phones, PDAs, laptops and other mobile devices, plus devices, are more popular than ever.

You may not be aware of this, but your mobile devices and home devices may contain the central processing unit (CPU) that requires programming and contain programs called integrated system programs.

8. Most computer games use C as their basis.

No one will be interested in games if it takes a lot of time. C is used to make things fast and immediate.

9. C is a medium level language.

Programming languages ​​are classified into three languages ​​- low level, middle level, and high level. Aside from being user-oriented, high-level languages ​​make software development fast enough. Automated, low-level languages ​​implement programs faster. Middle level languages ​​like C combine the best features of high and low languages.

10. C is a language with structured structure.

This means that each symbol is written in a separate block and not connected to the symbol in the next block. With this, you can make programming easier and you can reduce the possibilities of unnecessary side effects.

For the above reasons, do you still doubt that C is the best computer programming language for beginners?


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