I ever wondered what technology really is and how many forms it can take. In fact, this article cites some examples of technology to get a concrete idea.

here they are:

1. Programming languages

Programming languages ​​for example Java, C, C ++, C #, etc. help coding in order to build software products that are bought in turn by customers or other related companies for example, to preserve their IT assets.

Software products also appear in the image as a backend connected to the front end where you can enter data and retrieve information from the relevant database. SQL or the standard query language is the language we use to query information but it is built into the system so that you don't have to do anything hard except calling data from the backend to the front end on user input and / or button clicks.

As another example, we can use notebooks to store formatted information and apply data mining algorithms to this data to find some patterns that illustrate, for example, whether the profit from last year in the mall is more or less than the profit this year and make a comparison and try to find Patterns in customer preferences in the purchase of things.

2. Electronic tools

Aside from the software, technology has become more common in electronic gadgets configuration for example smartphones, iPAD, TAB, iPOD, and the list goes on. It is up to you to find out what is right for you and thus buy it.

3. Means of communication

In order to make our lives easier, almost everywhere in the world, we can travel on buses, trains and planes that over time have become more luxurious, modern and comfortable. We are also able to own the cars and other vehicles that we choose and they give us more safety nowadays.

4. Books, e-books and audiobooks

In this modern era, writing and publishing books has become so much easier that anyone who knows or coaches themselves how to write books in any field or area of ​​interest can finally publish and sell them on Amazon.

According to Amazon's rules and adherence, your book can be your bestseller, and you feel encouraged to write more books. As you gain more popularity, you can actually end your daily job and resort to selling books, in writing and publishing first.

E-books, unlike print and audio books, are also popular and you can create and sell them as well.

In summary, these four models are bright examples of technology and it is up to you how you can benefit from them.


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