5 Steps To Blogging Riches Contents

How To Make Money With Blogging

Step 1: Choosing A Profitable Niche and Proper Domain Name

Step 2: Purchasing An Ideal Domain Name For Your Blog Site And Hosting It

Step 3: Setting Up Your Blog And Installing It

Step 4: Content Writing

Step 5: Promoting Your Site

Step 6: Sources of Income

How To Make Money With Blogging

Blogs are an excellent way to share your knowledge, experiences and opinions with different people. It is also a good place to exchange thoughts with everyone and learn. Well, that is sure a good thing, but there is something much better that blogging offers.

Blogging is a profitable way to earn money. Indeed, making money with blogging is something that anyone can do. Just like the thousand of bloggers who are earning money just by blogging, it is also absolutely possible for you to make money with blogging.
So if you are looking for a way to start making money online, but you only have a small budget, no worries, blogging is one of the best ways to get started. The financial rewards from blogging are amazing, which makes it a good investment to make.
Now the only question is “do you want to make money with blogging?” If yes, follow these tips and implement them. This information will guide you on your way to success.

Step 1 – Choose a profitable niche and a proper domain name

The first step on your way to success is to identify a potential niche where profit is present, find a proper domain name that is not owned by anyone, buy it and register it on a reliable web hosting service provider and then set up your blog. Seemingly, this is easier said than done. More often than not, this is the part where you really need to work hard for you to get good results. Researching my friend is what you will do here. It is an inescapable fact and this process is vital so never do it in a mediocre way.
Researching for a potentially profitable money making niche
If you are putting up a blog for the intention of making money, you really need to find a profitable niche. Not just a niche where you are interested, it must be a niche where you can find profit. Take, for example, let’s say that you already done a research, and found the keywords skin care products as a potentially profitable niche. Now you decided to make money by selling skin care products from your blog. A possible search term that online customers are using to search for a skin care product is skin whiteners, so an ideal domain name for your blog would be skinwhiteners.com.
Note that you should make sure that the domain name you are going to use is available or not registered by someone else. However, if that domain name (unhyphenated domain name) is no longer available, meaning, someone already owns it, you may opt for the unhyphenated domain name such as skin-whiteners.com. If you want you can also go for a different domain name extension such as resourcefuldev.com or skin-whiteners.biz.
Another important thing to consider is the amount of individuals searching for a particular term, how competitive that particular term is as well as the amount of money that advertisers are paying to promote and advertise it.

Step 2 – Purchasing an ideal domain name for your blog site and hosting it

Due to your research, you found out that example.com is an ideal domain name for your blog site and you decided to use it to sell your skin care products. The next thing you have to do is to register your preferred domain name with a reliable web hosting service provider. As per my experience with these web hosting companies, you can try Bluehost or Host Gator.

When you get there, feel free to use their domain search tool to determine exactly if the domain name you are planning to use for your blog site is available or not. You can do this by putting the keywords you use for your domain name, “skinwhiteners,” in the search box and clicking start domain search.
For instance, the domain name you prefer is available, you will need to open an account with that web hosting provider as well as purchase the domain name and the hosting service from them. Of all the services they offer, it is best to buy the unlimited hosting package. However, if you do not have enough budget purchase the one that is affordable for you.

Step 3 – Setting up your blog and installing it

When it comes to the convenience of setting up your blog, Host Gator and Bluehost serve as a big help. To set up your blog, you can call their customer service department and tell them that you want to install a WordPress blog to your site as well as ask them to talk to you throughout the process. For as little as 10 minutes, your WordPress blog will be done and ready to make money. However, if you want to use the services of other web hosting companies, make sure they have installations for WordPress.

Step 4 – Content writing

You will need to supply your blog with valuable content and to do so you will have to use Market Samurai. Use this software to find keywords or search terms that are relevant to your niche, which have high searches and low competition at the same time. Write contents that are unique, highly informative, updated and helpful to the readers.

Step 5 – Promoting your site

To optimize the potential ability of your site to make money, you need to promote your blog. And by promoting your site, you need both work and money. If you are writing articles and the content of them are helpful and informative, some of your works will grow organically, meaning, your articles will find its way to generate incoming links. But this will take some time before you rip the benefits of your efforts. As far as my experience goes, you cannot always rely on this one. You need to make things happen and not waiting for things to happen.

Step 6 – Sources of income

Here are good sources of income. These are the best ways to make money in your blog.

One of the best ways to maximize the potential of your blog to generate more money is through the use of AdSense. What I do is to set it into a text and image based ads with a 250 by 300 pixel ads and it works best for me. Not only that, I also get some shares on their referrals programs and I earn a lot with their normal ads.

Affiliate programs
Another effective way for your blog to make money is by promoting several affiliate programs in your site. Now this is one thing you should not be missing in your site since the financial rewards are amazing. In this product alone, I earn some income though not that high it is reasonably good enough. Imagine if you have 5 to 10 products in your blog, then your income from these products would certainly be more than good enough.
Make sure that you choose to sell those affiliate programs that are of high quality and good reputation so that you will have a greater chance to sell them and make profit. It is best that you should stay away from those products that are of low quality since they will do no good to you.

eBook sales
Selling eBook is one of the most effective ways for you to earn extra income with your blog. If you are good at writing then why not use your potential to make one. Take, for example, let say you have successfully created an eBook regarding the best ways to treat skin problems and achieve a healthier skin, and it is worth 10 US Dollars.

If your eBook is worth $10 and you are able to sell it for about 1000 people, then you can have 10,000 US Dollars for your effort. Not such a bad idea right? Imagine if your eBook is priced at $20 and 5000 or more people all over the world will buy it, then that would certainly be a huge income. What more if you have several eBooks that are priced for more than $20?

Continuity programs
A good way to generate continues income is to have a continuity program. A continuity program is a site where you can gain a continuous source of income from those individuals who are subscribing to a service your offer. Making your blog as a membership site gives you the ability to generate monthly income from thousands of your member.

Sponsorships or private ad sales
You can also gain additional income from offering private ad sales in your blog from advertisers. This is sure a good thing to do as the money you can gain from your 125 x 125 ads or bigger can actually be a rewarding way for you to increase your monthly income. Imagine if you have several ads in your blog, how much money do you think you can get from having private ad sales in just a month? That would certainly be great.

Amazon associates
With Amazon’s affiliate program, it is absolutely possible for you to earn an increasing amount of monthly income. You gain shares with the sales you make from advertising high quality products in your blog.

For each purchase that is made from Amazon through your blog, you will get a commission from it. So if you are part of this program, and you are promoting 5 products or even more and each of those 5 high quality products are making sales, by the end of the month you will surely have a huge amount of money in your account.

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Blogging offers a promising way for you to successfully make money online. And to make it possible, you will have to implement the things mentioned above. Use that information to your full advantage.
This information will help you and guide you on how to make money with blogging. Follow them and implement them properly in order for you to succeed. By doing this, it is assured that you are more likely to become successful in making money with blogging.
So what are you waiting for?
Act now!
Time is precious, start doing it!

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