Whether you are an end user, system administrator, or a few of both, this book explains step-by-step examples of how to get the most out of Ubuntu. This book is designed for a wide range of readers, and is suitable for:

a " A practical guide for Ubuntu "It gives you a broad understanding of many aspects of Linux. Regardless of your background, this book provides the knowledge you need to continue your work. This book explains how to use Linux from a graphical interface and from a command line. This book is designed so that you can get the most out of it in less As soon as possible, you do not have to read this book directly in page rank, search for a topic that interests you in the table of contents or an index and read about the book contains many pointers to websites where you can get additional information. Linux operating system, which was developed from Through the cooperation of many people around the world, it is a product In other words, all source code is free, and you can study it for free, redistribute it, modify it, and as a result, the code is available free of charge and at no cost to the program, source, documentation or support.

A rich set of applications for Linux is available – both free and commercial – as well as a wide range of tools: graphical, word processing, networking, security, administration, web server, and many others. Large software companies have recently seen the benefit of Linux support and now have employee programmers whose job is to design and encode Linux kernel, GNU, KDE or other software running on Linux. It is also important for users how much software is available – not only the source code (which needs to be compiled), but also pre-prepared binaries that are easy to install and ready to run. These programs include more than just free programs. Netscape, for example, was available for Linux from the start, and it included Java support before it was available from many commercial vendors. Its Mozilla / Thunderbird / Firefox site is also a browser, mailable, and news reader capable of performing other functions.

All this is but one small part of the book. The chapters covered in this book:


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