Why is Arabic translation difficult?

Without any disagreement, Arabic is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world. As well as translation in this language. The main reason behind the difficulty is that the Arabic language does not accommodate developments and improvements that are vital to dealing with business and modern technology. You can call it technologically easily under the advanced language regardless of the technological lack of the Arabic language, it is also culturally backward because technology has failed to affect many parts of the Arab culture.

This is the reason why Arabization from a technologically rich language like English becomes so difficult to deal with because it becomes really difficult to deal with the barriers between technically rich languages ​​and non-rich languages. A very good example in business terminology is that there is no difference in the Arabic language between the words "management" and "management". Both are called "Idara" in Arabic. If you use this word for both terms, you are simply calling for ridiculous ambiguity because the words "administration" and "management" are used in two different meanings. Likewise, there is only one word "Hisaab" in Arabic for the words "account" and "account" in English. The real problem is that when you use these terms, you completely lose the meaning you are trying to convey in Arabic.

Some other problems are hovering regardless of the above mentioned about the Arabic language. One of the important problems is the lack of research in the Arabic language to develop the computer resources required in the modern information technology environment. There is no source that can check Arabic grammar, no OCR and no search engine. The crux of the matter is that there are no standards. Translating into Arabic is a dangerous process without any clear criteria or methods for follow-up. Translators follow their instincts that what appears to be true and what seems good and often cannot convey the message intended to be conveyed, and for the same reason, most Arab organizations use the English language in their brochures and pamphlets, websites and other publicity and awareness materials because they are unable to express themselves in Arabic .

For this reason you should hire any professional translation agency to meet your Arabic translation needs.


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