Balancing customer service with cost saving technology


Typical challenges faced by consumers and the need to notice small companies

It happened to all of us at some point. A problem arises in our application or service interruption, and we need help from a local company.

We only ask for the support number in order to meet the recorded robot voice that does not understand or answer. We press endless buttons we try to narrow down our application and we hope with every printing press we get a real human being to talk about our cause.

Or we head to social media with the hope of finding someone who is interested enough to answer our problem just to receive automated messages and respond to chat.

Technology has helped small businesses grow and succeed in unprecedented ways. But with this growth, the demand for more personal customer service experiences has evolved.

What is to be done? Are the cool AI features and functionality of Chatbots and other technical developments applied or are they going back to the time when real people answer their phones?

No one can argue the importance of customer service; after all, without happy clients, it will be difficult to find a successful business.

The solution Many companies turn into call centers. Years ago, I was working in a call center, and we have provided a valuable service to companies that need someone to answer their phone day or night. We have answered many emergency services companies such as veterinarians, property management companies, and restoration companies.

It was a useful scenario where a phone call was answered by a real person and their needs were quickly met. Call centers are created to handle customer contact requests in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It can be a valuable solution for many companies' customer service needs.

But what about technology? At what point is automation harmful to your business? The business relationship with the customer becomes less personal the more technology is brought into this mix.

When applying customer service systems and procedures, it is best to invest in technologies that will help simplify tasks and reduce overheads, but it is important to keep your customer in mind and take into account all possible interactions that they will have with your brand.

Would these interactions create a fan base of happy clients or would they be so frustrated that they turn to social media to annoy you?

The other day, I came across a Twitter account that I thought was hacked. The account holder seemed to feel very uncomfortable with a large company that operates several times a day for several months.

When I asked the account owner about these repeated weird posts, it turns out that they were all intentionally added. Talk about an unhappy customer! But the sad thing is that this company did not respond once in an attempt to solve the problem that this person faced.

Whether using call centers, or simply the way your customer calls you to request or solve a problem, when dealing with clients, you should be aware of how these interactions affect them to avoid customer anger. Like this person on Twitter.

Although we live in a world of abundant technology options to save us money, the company needs to find a balance between using technology and using direct contact with its customers. Start thinking about all the options available and consider the customer's experience with each of them – will this option help or hinder your business?

I can tell you that one thing we have heard over and over is that our customers are so grateful that we answer our phones and respond as quickly as possible to all emails. In fact, many of our current clients have come to us strictly for the fact that their current web developer or marketer has gone missing on them or did not answer their phones or answer questions in a timely manner.

What experiences did you discover when dealing with the company's customer service systems and processes? Did she make you want to continue their support or go to social media and complaint?


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