Dream programming is said to heal your mind and body while you sleep. But what exactly is a programming dream?

This new technology consists of MP3 files that you listen to while you fall asleep. There are many different problems such as weight loss, abundance, smoking cessation, new job opportunities, stress, new relationship and many more. You can select the area you want to improve and then listen to the tape when you go to bed. Sound on Sound conveys affirmations to your subconscious, which controls your dreams and helps create changes.

You can also apply the same technology without MP3 files. When you go to bed at night, repeat the confirmation and imagine this is happening. Continue until you fall asleep. Your subconscious will work in this area while you sleep. You have succeeded with this method. I have addressed a health problem with this. I had constant pain in my feet from an accident (severely stubborn toes). I went to bed and reiterated that my feet were doing well as I envision myself jumping and running. Surprisingly, after only two nights in doing so, I woke up pain-free and still pain-free.

I have also used many MP3 files with great success. With MP3 files, you won't have to go out of your way to stop your mind from wandering – given assurances being told. It is very comfortable to hear it and found that I slept a lot. I am very fond of audio abundance of finance – it worked very well!


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