I spent the week from March 8 to March 12 in Appleton, Wisconsin attending the advanced programming course from KUKA Robot. This course was held at Fox Valley Technical College. Daily classes consist of one to two hour lecture period followed by a one to two hour programming problem. Programming was implemented on the KUKA KR 16 robot. We started every morning at 8 am and ended at 5 pm. The weather could have been worse. It was cloudy and rainy every day with very heavy fog every morning.

Monday morning we started with a basic programming category review. It has been a few years since I attended the Basic Programming class, so I really enjoyed the review. We have covered safety issues and should never enter the robot's working cell unless the robot controller is in T1 teaching mode. The robot’s working cell is the region around the robot where the robot is able to access its function. We also reviewed KCP. KCP is the KUKA control panel. This is the mobile device used for Android programming.

During the basic programming class I spent two years ago, we spent the week learning direct programming. At the time, it wasn't an easy class, but I could handle it. Linear programming consists of choosing a preset line of code for whatever you want the robot to do. After selecting the model, you can change specific parameters for this specific line. This week was much more difficult. We have learned scripting. With Script programming, do not choose a ready-made line of code; you write everything using coca keywords.

The training facility at Fox Valley Technical College was nice. They had six KR 16s created in a large working cell. There was also two KR 6S that had not been installed on site yet. I also saw two KUKA SCARA type robots that were not used. At the back was the KR 100.


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