A computer program consists of a series of instructions that the computer must implement. These instructions may come with other important data needed to implement these instructions. Thus, the programming process involves defining instructions and data. In order to be able to access data for your computer, you must be familiar with the basics of computer programming and the three database data:

1. Instructions that you need to implement.
2. The order in which the instructions are executed.
3. Data needed to do the instructions.

The first stage of computer programming involves paper operations. At this point, you won’t even need to work with a computer, but if you’re using a word processor it will enable you to write your work on a disk file instead of a sheet. You need to do this in order to know clearly and more specifically what you want your computer to do before you begin to guide your computer to do it.

Note that the computer will follow the instructions exactly as shown. Can’t say what you want; can do what you want to do. So before the program approaches a computer, you must take several steps that include:

Know the problem
Before you know the computer what to do, you should be familiar with it. You need to clearly tell the computer what it needs to accomplish or generate it as a result of all the activities it will perform.

Determine the solution
If you already know what will result from your computer as a final result, you should take a closer look at the information you have and determine what information you need. There is also a need for you to define logical procedures, equations and other methods that you must use in order to process the raw entry data in the end result that you want to achieve.

– Mapping solution
This stage of computer programming must be placed in the correct order. Do not forget that the sequence in which the procedures are used is just as necessary as the procedures themselves. When organizing the solution in the correct order, you will consider the options.

When you have finished identifying the problem in addition to designing the solution and mapping it, the next thing you need to do is to start with the task of writing the program code in one or multiple languages ​​(languages) of a computer. But before proceeding, you must first determine the possible languages ​​that you need to use as well as the specific computer platform.

Typically, computer languages ​​are optimized for different types of tasks. It is therefore important to determine the language that best suits the task required first. Indeed, learning the basics of computer programming is the first step that a wannabe programmer has to arm, especially if he wants to pursue a career in this field.


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