Entry requirements for computer science vary from school to school, but there are some basic things that students can expect if they are applying to such a program at a four-year university. The following facts are important for any student to take into account before they begin the process of accepting computer science at their chosen school.

If a student has completed a college degree at a community college, he will likely need a lower GPA in all courses taken in order to move to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at an accredited four-year college or university. For students coming to college or university directly from high school, there will be academic and SAT requirements. There are usually prerequisites in subjects such as mathematics and science that must be taken before any of the students enter the computer science department in the upper section. The GPA requirements for these classes may be higher than the average GPA requirements for all other courses that have taken so far, and for students who transfer, the GPA requirements are likely to be slightly higher everywhere.

After performing the admission process in computer science, there will be many requirements that must be fulfilled in order to complete the program and graduate with a Bachelor of Science. In a typical four-year college, students must first complete all general education requirements, which should take about two years, and declare their major in the second year. Typical computer engineering courses that are then taught are introduction to computing, data structures, discrete mathematics, principles of computer organization, principles of programming languages ​​and algorithms: design, practice, algorithm analysis, computing theory, and six additional elective courses in computer science, plus a major project or thesis.

Computer science admission requirements may be difficult, and program completion requirements may be more stringent, but they deserve this for the fantastic career opportunities that will be available after that. This is one of the most lucrative areas given the expectations of vacancies and jobs available around the world.


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