Computer software engineers are responsible for using mathematics and computer science to develop and test computer programs. They will have primary responsibility for developing a number of different programs, which can include word processing applications and computer games, as well as operating systems and network applications.

Computer engineering professionals will first analyze their customers' needs, then they will create a detailed set of algorithm guidelines that can include programming, although computer programmers are usually outsourced. Application software engineers often use raw icons, such as Java, to create application programs, while system engineers often help the company organize its operating systems.

Systems software usually requires a lot of tampering to ensure that it can be used effectively by companies, and engineers will often need to adjust operating systems and programming in order to meet the needs of their customers.

These individuals usually work in teams that can include marketing, manufacturing, and engineering departments, designers, and artists, in order to work together to deliver a software product to the market.

System software engineers may work on their own depending on the workload they serve, and they may have two assistants under them in order to perform the most routine tasks of installing operating systems and other system applications.

These individuals work 40 hours a week in clean, comfortable office environments, although they may experience frequent movement stress and back discomfort. Most employers will need a Bachelor's degree and computer programming expertise, and four fifths of all software engineers have had at least a Bachelor's degree.

In 2006, software engineers had about 850,000 jobs in America, most of them working in applications, and about a third working on system software. A minority of these individuals are independent computer programmers. Overall, job opportunities are expected to be very good and this will be one of the fastest growing areas in America over the next decade.

In 2006, the average 50 percent of these professionals earned between $ 63,000 and $ 98,000, while computer systems engineers earned over $ 68,000 to $ 105,000. In 2007, Robert Huff Technology reported that software engineers earned between $ 66,500 and $ 99,750 annually.


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