Cyber ​​Bullying – The Curse of New Age Technology


Technological abuse

With the advent of technology, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones have become part of our daily life. Today literally no one can survive without these tools. The telecommunications sector has revolutionized the past few decades, shrinking the entire world. The Internet has made it possible for remote corners of the earth to communicate with each other with the click of a button. Social networks have helped people connect with each other from different locations in the world, get to know themselves and create a lifelong friendly bond. These sites and platforms have helped people discover long-lost friends and family and bring them together again. But alongside the benefits, the new technology came to its head too. And this curse is cyber bullying. It is a form of Internet abuse that is intentionally used in a hostile manner to harass and threaten others. With the increasing use of technologies, cyberbullying is on the increase.


This problem has become a growing threat, especially among teenagers. Cyberbullying includes the use of text messages or e-mails and rumors that are e-mailed or posted on social media, embarrassing photos, videos, websites or fake profiles. Individuals who are exposed to electronic intimidation are sometimes bullied as well. In addition, it is sometimes very difficult to get away from being bullied online because the source is unknown and cannot be restricted by us. It can happen 24 * 7 and can reach a person even if he or she is alone. Stock messages and images can be posted anonymously and can quickly spread to a very wide audience. It can be difficult and sometimes even tracing the source. It is extremely difficult to erase incorrect or annoying messages, text, and images after they are published or sent.

Mental effect

Although social media, they do not promote these types of activities, but they are used as a tool to do such gruesome work. Children and women are the main victims of cyberbullying. It can lead to a huge negative impact on the mind. Adolescents or children who fall victim to this horrific crime can experience behavioral changes such as sudden and widespread use of alcohol and drugs, a tendency to skip school, personal bullying, unwillingness to go to school, poor grades, low self-esteem and wrong health problems.

Another form of bully

Electronic chase is another form of bullying. It may include false allegations, uncomfortable notes, threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, interrogation of minors for sex or collection of information for harassment. Women are the main victims of electronic chasing.


It can be threatening and frightening like any other type of crime although there is no physical or verbal contact with a stalker. Victims of this crime can experience severe psychological and emotional reactions. It can lead to changes in sleep patterns, depression, anxiety, anger, paranoia, shock and disbelief.

Precautions and steps to be taken

If anyone is a victim of either of these two bullying models, they should not keep it to themselves. Helping family members, close friends or professional counselors deal with this problem. Legal aid must be provided, as this must be reported to the police cyber security cell sections so that the perpetrator can be traced and arrested as soon as possible. Parents should be open with their children and monitor their social activities from time to time, especially if they are under the legal age. You should carefully audit and protect your email and personal data so that it is not compromised and misused. Thus, with a little caution and awareness you can protect yourself and your loved ones from cyberbullying.


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