There is no doubt that the diving computer has come a long way over the years. Today's diving computer is packed with so many different features that it is almost impossible to choose the right one. The trick I encountered while shopping for the perfect computer is not to look at the computer's features, but rather to look at the type of diver I am now.

So, what kind of diver are you? Are you a diver who goes about maximizing rest time or are you a diver who totally loves using a reasonable safety pillow. How you answer this question will determine the type of computer you should get. This can be either a DC with a conservative algorithm that usually has a larger safety pad, or a liberal algorithm that may increase your time.

The algorithms used in all dive computers are designed with one thing in mind, which is to help the diver get to relieve pressure relief (DCS). However, not all algorithms are the same, but can change with different brands and models. At the same point in diving, the different computer might have No Limits to Decompress (NDLs). Although these algorithms are not the same, they all have a great safety record.

However, you will find that an advanced, very decent, aggressive diver prefers a more liberal algorithm that will either extend or increase his time. While beginners, not quite fit, a diver may dive into a more conservative algorithm to maximize the safety cushion until they gain more experience.

There is one thing to keep in mind, as each diving computer can be made more conservative by entering teams safety factors or backing up on the tissue loading graph. However, you will find that more conservative dive computers cannot become more liberal. You've seen this many times, you are diving with your diving buddies diving with more liberal computers, and you have to come for 10-15 minutes soon. This is not the time to discover your purchased computer and it does not fit into your diving style.


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