The new version of All In One WP Migration has a limitation on the free version with size and some features are no longer included.

So, we are going to be using the old version of the plugin, it does not mean the old version is not restricted.

This is why you’re going to need to watch the video till the end because we are not going to be doing the regular upload.

We will be adding it as backup and import. trust me the process is as simple as could imagine.

Click To Download All-In-One-WP Migration

Fast Solution to Website Migration Using All In One WP Migration – Stuck Issues


First Download the old version and install the link is in the description below.

Then, go to your Cpanel, Open File Manager, Next, Open Public HTML, or your website root directory,. Then Open WP Content you are going to find a folder called Ai1wm Backups and open it.
From the top corner click on upload and select the WordPress file you downloaded. alow it to finish uploading.

Once the uploading is done, go back to your WordPress backend, and navigate to All In One WP Migration and Select Backups. at this time just ahead and click on Import.
Wait For the processing and click on PROCEED.

Once Is done read the short instruction and close is going to log you out.
So you will need to login with your old website password as the file exported at first includes the database.

If you can’t remember your password go to your Cpanel, softaculous and log in from there.

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So that’s all for the video see you next bye.

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