When countries around the world trade in goods and services, they build a friendly relationship, which means war is less likely, is that a good thing? Well, yes, of course, free trade is a good thing, as it allows the most efficient producers to produce like free markets reward the best producers and create efficiencies. Everyone can win. We create and produce what we do best, do the same, trade and all get a better deal and everyone is happy.

This is if these trade relations are not overly manipulated by the bureaucracy, international cartels, international monopolists, or state-run companies that deliver their subsidized products to the world in order to eliminate their competition for decades to come. let's talk.

As you can see, managing free trade in practice doesn't work well, especially when governments do, yes including manipulating our game. For example, our State Department works with some ag companies, aircraft builders, auto manufacturers, and technology producers at the expense of other industries as well, and it does not work when pressure groups undermine the same laws that would keep free trade fair. Yes, but shouldn't we look at the bigger picture?

Sure, we certainly need a bigger picture in this complex world, but if you trust the government to come up with a solution among the myriad of entangled chaos theory, this is the likely reason that supercomputing computer algorithms miss most of the time, and if you As 50 economists, you will get fifty different answers from experts.

Why does our nation suffer from a terrible trade deficit if we are good at making things and being a highly productive country? Well, regulations in the United States of America, along with excessive class action lawsuits, trade union demands, and corporate tax rates, are among the main reasons why American companies operate outside of their business, investing in other countries, in addition. With cheap labor – companies would be stupid not to cut costs and move around, but who made all this nonsense possible? Simple left-wing politicians, and now these same factions want to do more in trade for our votes? Wow, why would I vote for someone who would give me more tools and help dig a bigger hole to bury me?

Our trade unions and their political clout also address the integrity of free trade efforts as well as our opportunities to keep our companies here. Did you know that trade unions are 1/10 of workers get better health care, pay less wages for less work, then the other 90% have to pay more for everything they do – so everyone pays for it – it's painful for us Class. Unions have great power in the United States, and they have too much political advantage. Worse, the government employees ’unions prevent the government from operating efficiently which means higher costs, taxes rise, and we get less and less than we pay.


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