What sets you apart from Primerica's job opportunity?

Primerica's business opportunity is a great option in today's economy with a 2.5% increase in the past month, and it has proven to be stable MLM, since its original launch in 1977. It's always rewarding when you can help families become debt free and financially independent.

But where can you find your Primerica business threads? Using a network of IRs to promote insurance, legal services and investments, it makes sense to find Primerica clients online. but how?

There is no need to succumb to failure in your business due to a lack of Primerica business leads …

In fact, they should not say "failed". I just hate those terms! Because when you think about it, there is no such thing as failure. You simply produce a result that is either closer or further than the result you are looking for. What really multi-level to do is to quit.

Statistics show that although 95% of multi-level actors resigned from their first year in marketing, and among the 5% who get stuck there, these men have a 98% chance of making a six-digit income in ten years!

But there is a lot of rejection on the offline market today, because the average person will simply go to his home computer and Google the phrase you were trying to talk to about! But what if you could be that guy on the computer that gets the leads?

So, here's the 3-step formula for getting Primerica's online business information

1] Start with the blog.

If you have been working in network marketing for a while, you are well aware that people will buy and become an inspiration to join other people they know and trust. You know what they say, "People don't join jobs; people join people." This phrase in the MLM industry is the reason why nothing out there will direct you in the direction of Internet marketing.

But here's what you need to remember: your blog is "the internet that you are."

Once people start following you and subscribing to "rss" to get your blog posts, they know you. And if you can embed videos in your blog, that would be even better! By the time people actually call you to talk on the phone, they feel they know you and you're an instant friend!

2] Promote your blog.

You can do this through social sharing and backlinking. It is important to remember the blog with the intent to attract the target market. The goal is to rank the pages that you place on your blog. So you want to choose the keyword phrases people search for, and create your blog page around this keyword phrase. You can easily see how many people are searching for a particular phrase by going to the free Google tool "adwords.google.com".

I suggest providing information in your message that people will find interesting to read. The idea is to keep them fascinated enough to want to hear more of your information so you can make them an "Internet friend" interested in what you have to offer.

For example, the article, which is based on the phrase "long-term versus short-term", gets 8100 searches per month, which is something you can blog about about it, which gives people valuable information.

3] Stay in touch with Primerica's commercial customers.

On average, people have to deal with seven times before considering joining an opportunity or making a purchase. Seven times? My God! Who in their right mind will do that?

No wonder so many people left MLM! I highly recommend the automatic email response system that will send email notifications instantly to people once they subscribe to your blog. Most of us live full time life and don't have time to sit on our computer all day and watch the leads.

But you have to get it when it's hot … so how can you do that? With automatic email reply! You can also send personal email broadcasts to your list daily to keep them updated with more information, which is highly recommended by the online marketing community.

This is your job at Primerica … isn't it worth the effort?

Keep in mind that learning how to market online takes time, but the learning experience is well worth the effort. Knowledge is power. You remember all this "knowledge" you had to learn in high school? Don't you want to start getting real knowledge that can help you get real money for your initial business?


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