Mini-net is just a buzzword coined by SEO teacher Michael Campbell (who has written a book called The Revenge of the Mininet) that means dynamic link. Dynamic Linking is a skill that affiliate marketers use to improve their search engine optimization and often cut their computer time by 50 percent.

In essence, creating a mini network is about creating a network of small sites. These sites link together to create a minette. The theory is that with regard to search engines (SEO), these smaller search engines find these smaller linked sites more dynamically attractive and then a large sprawling site. In a way that creates an empire of links, even if these links are only linked to your own websites. However, search engine spiders are supposed to be fascinated by these complex web networks.

Campbell claims that this approach helps build your credibility through search engines and customers alike, making your pages easier to search and allowing you to use keywords efficiently so that it attracts customers rather than your site's surfers. It also teaches you how to urge individuals to click on your links and hide your source code to prevent theft of the affiliate.

However, adopting this type of SEO strategy is not for everyone, and certainly not for beginners. First of all, you have to be smart in creating web pages, using HTML editor and FTP software. Of course, you must be actively registered in an affiliate program and know how to paste affiliate passcodes into your website's pages. This is not a rocket science, but being a little expert on being a web master or web lover helps with that. It might be helpful to read a bit about this topic before publishing it as an SEO strategy, as it only takes one or two minor flaws to cause search engines to ignore your site.


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