By definition, nursing informatics combines information science, computer science, and healthcare into one clean package. It is used by nurses as they obtain, store, retrieve and use health care information. Nurses trained in health informatics must be computer literate in addition to knowledge of clinical guidelines, medical terminology, and health information systems. Informational nursing jobs are only available to the most trained and specialized nurses due to their complex nature and interconnected internal processes.

Medical informatics began in the early 1950s in the United States. This was a direct result of the "era of computers" and its domain has grown ever since. The International Medical Informatics Association is the governing body responsible for ensuring that it follows established guidelines and processes.

Nursing informatics are only one part of the vast field of medical informatics and nurses specializing in work mainly in a hospital or health care environment. However, there is an increasing need for them with healthcare vendors, suppliers, and healthcare consulting agencies. As a nurse informatics specialist, a person will need to be skilled in many computer operations and be able to write easy-to-use computer programs. These nurses will also be called in to look at existing computer systems, assist with training programs and implement new computer systems for health care. They may also be required to demonstrate and give presentations to potential clients. The growth prospects are excellent and many IT specialists become managers of large medical information systems

Nursing informatics is a relatively new area and is expanding daily. It has succeeded as a direct result of the phenomenal growth of computer technology in the past few decades. It's an exciting career choice and many nurses choose it as a specialty. They recognize the need for medical informatics in today's ever-changing world and know how important it is to have a broad background in computer operations alongside a strong nursing background. Informatics nursing jobs are in high demand and only the most qualified will have the opportunity to obtain one of them. Being identified as an early major in a training program is an important consideration for all nursing students.


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