Business Intelligence (BI) and Information Technology (IT) are almost systematically and essentially.

Students who specialize in business, i.e. management, administration, marketing, accounting, etc., will find that information and information technology surveying has transformed into a single entity. One does not do without the other.

Within the IT / computer science world, structures, formats, platforms, applications, devices, and / or vendors are service-based programming. Programming is designed to meet needs and / or provide some type of business service. Be it entertainment, media or query data. Information applies and information work. Technical skill sets include knowledge and usability, process, practices, techniques, and tools for the specialty or software / hardware expertise.

The Commercial Operations Department sets goals and achieves them while taking advantage of the basic functions that include and / or use human, financial, material and media resources.

Metadata is a term that deserves attention in the profession of data mining. The community that I currently belong to is Ad-Hoc, which is quick and prompt access and delivery of required information. Immediate data access is crucial in the business world as well as current daily lifestyles. "Correct information for the right people at the right time," is the lifeline of any business and / or professional practice. BI and IT professionals are trained for the skill. Scalability between skill sets complement each other toward the goal.

The purpose of this thesis is to assist in preparing study for prospective students in Business Administration / Computer Science. Be aware of twins joined to the thigh. Study hard. Understand all languages ​​and technical and commercial data that you can use. Eat, sleep, think BI and IT!

Information Technology (IT) and Business Intelligence (BI), or is it the opposite?


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