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In our current globalized world, we not only live in the era of advanced technology, but we suffer greatly from its impact and impact as well. Every part of our daily life is closely related to technology in one way or another. The strange thing is that we feel sedition and slavery more through its developments that we cannot do without, and we cannot even imagine how we would have been able to live without these endless forms of technology before. With cell phones, we are always in touch with our family and friends, and through social networks, we can socialize with our classmates and classmates who have missed the need, with the Internet we can obtain the required information and knowledge at any time, and with computers and communication technologies that We easily collaborate with our foreign and domestic business partners remotely to carry out our daily and routine business tasks. Not only that, but we can communicate with each other in ways that are very similar to telephone and written communication situations.

If this is the effect of technology on our daily lives, we can only say that it has a somewhat massive impact on the translation and translation industry that causes fundamental changes mainly in translation tools, translation studies, training courses and work procedures. Using the Internet to search terms and references has become more accurate and convenient. With the help of computer aided translation (computer aided translation tools), translators are able to save time and keep to deadlines. It is also able to monitor consistency and consistency and manage terminology in every project, especially in the case of large projects. With the use of built-in QA tests, they are now able to offer error-free files as much as possible. Although machine translation (MT) posed a slight threat to translators as being a free and useful tool for many clients, it was found that, after all, for their technical and complex files, clients could not do without human translation or its valuable and recognized value contributions to all Translation needs and translation requirements.

When this point is reached, now is the time to highlight the role of translation agencies and how they have been greatly affected by the impact of modern technologies. By taking advantage of these modern technological inventions, translation agencies do their work not only from their offices, but also through their websites. In fact, the focus that their website focuses on is their weak attention to their work sites. For their website, they mobilize the best web, graphic, social media, SEO and digital marketing designers. Their website represents their global brand and image. Once the content that their website depicts is the most desirable image and brand, they begin to do their business tasks more easily and comfortably using relevant technologies. Through the use of the latest technological inventions, translation agencies are no longer confined to dealing with internal translators, but rather extend to the entire world to obtain a wealth of translation professionals in their mother tongue in every language they speak. With a short-term email, all translators all over the world line up in their remote destinations ready for the project expected soon. Using a server-based, cloud-based collaboration or online tool with project and vendor management capabilities, translation agencies participate in monitoring the progress of their projects. If you are dealing with a sophisticated agency, then translators might expect to get a project package that includes all reference materials, translation memories, glossary, and even copies of old translations, along with your most valuable instructions (being the true boss who is ultimately sought to be satisfied Dealing with the package: If the project is a book, booklet, flyer, logo, flyer or flyer that requires desktop publishing services, the agency project manager will transfer it to the internal desktop publisher to take care of all the necessary details.

Are translation agency services limited to these small services? Later! As a customer, you may need to localize your website, increase traffic to your site, create attractive articles for content marketing for your site or blog, launch digital marketing campaigns on social media and other high-traffic websites and magazines on the Internet or you may also want to launch it now. When seeing the impact of videos on any marketing campaign, you or the translation agency itself may point out the importance of addressing this point also to ensure complete success. Consequently, the agency will immediately call up its professional and cunning painter to work, along with graphic designers, marketing and SEO specialists, if necessary. When the video is ready, the sound artists are contacted by voice to handle narratives in more than one language of your choice. So, in fact, translation agencies are no longer restricted by translation and localization services, but they have become the only store you visit to get all of your business needs; be it translation, localization, website localization, writing ads, content marketing, blogging, SEO, or marketing Online, social media marketing, internet marketing, design, voice transmission, desktop publishing, typesetting etc.

Although all the above details look great, one drawback is that the translation agency should keep the cost of all of these services within strict budget limits. And if things ever stop working properly for them, they may mess with their own resources. So the average experience will do, so creme de la creme is not required. It is not really a secret to know that, besides the salaries of the specialized employees within the company and the independent remote translators, they also bear heavy operating, administrative, commercial and general expenses on a monthly basis. This means that you are already paying all these expenses along with your service cost.

If this is the case with translation agencies, then what are professional translators?

Well, the situation actually applies to professional and experienced translators. After obtaining the required qualifications and experience and building a good reputation by engaging with a reasonable number of direct and global clients, professional or certified translators also want to start their career at work. However, in this case, after the ladder climbed step by step from start to top, they are not only experts in their profession, but also have extensive experience in the industry as a whole and in their areas of specialization in particular. They are fully aware of all aspects of the industry and are familiar with all its tools. They are good at translation and translation, experts working with CAT tools, memories of translation and terminology management, specialists in finding their reliable references and conducting terminological research, as well as knowing the best talent in each field specifically. Above all, they have a passion for their work and are satisfied only with the best. Their websites are their virtual business. By creating their professional brand online, professional translators start their careers in business, and with the help of their former direct clients and newly created website visitors, they start earning their new livelihood. Some begin to provide only a mix of their language, while others begin to offer reasonable language groups, being their knowledge, and whom they have known from their long stable lives. Through these multiple new exposures, translators gain broad knowledge about websites, web design and graphics, SEO, digital and social media marketing, desktop publishing and typesetting, and much more. However, believing in the specialty and always craving for the best, they turn to their large contact list of expert colleagues who specialize in these translation-related fields, if they themselves are not very familiar with it. So, you finally end up with experts, who master their tools expertly, and when the need arises for other closely related services; they know exactly the ideal and only person for the job, if they are not personally able to help you. In addition to all the benefits mentioned above is the fact that running a virtual internet business saves them a lot of the expenses that all translation agencies have to pay. So, here you can get the added value of paying for the professional services you only request.

The bottom line, after reviewing both cases closely, we finally conclude with two examples; the first of these are employees specializing in various fields related to translation, along with a database of local and foreign translators online to medium-experienced translators who work with prestigious and expensive translation agencies In many cases it is not easy for SMEs, and the second is that for professional translators who run virtual companies online, the same set of services are provided by specialized professionals and their corresponding set of professional knowledge. Meh affordable, which is almost half the rate that must be paid to the translation agency.

Now we've shared all of these secrets with you, which of these two options you finally chose!


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