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Mortgage loan payments – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a capital and repayment mortgage, and how does it work?

It is a secured home loan that is broken into two parts: repayments of the money you borrowed (capital repayment) and payments of interest charges on the loan (interest repayment) (interest payments).

What is an interest-only mortgage and how does it work?

In a secured house loan, an interest-only mortgage is one in which the monthly payments are made up entirely of interest alone on the loan. As a result, at the end of your mortgage term, you will still owe the remaining balance of the loan’s original principal.

What is negative equity, and how does it affect you?

With the world’s economies trying to recover from the Great Recession, a lot of recent discussion has focused on home owners and their negative equity. This article provides a brief explanation of what negative equity is.

Refinancing your mortgage

If you’re thinking about refinancing your current mortgage, you may use the mortgage refinance calculator to help you figure out your options.

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