Friedrich Nietzsche is said to have claimed The simplest form of human stupidity is forgetting what we are trying to achieve .

He could have easily dealt with the competing forms of immediate communication in the 21st century for the problem. We have many types of stickers and medicines and for those who cannot focus, concentrate and continue. However, Nietzsche made his remark about people who live in a world with deviations much lower than ours.

Perhaps, then, the problem is simply part of the human being. It may always be difficult for those who make the decision to complete the task, whether it is reading and understanding a new skill or writing a new article, book or computer … that they always need a certain focus and discipline.

But we need to be reminded of the truth, every now and then, it seems more and more breaking into tweets, messages and other countless distractions in our regular day.

The term multitasking arises in computer programming. In the early days of computer processing units, multitasking was used to refer to time sharing on computers shared by interactive users; each user wanted the computer to behave as if it were the only program running on the system.

With the advent of personal computers, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtime sharing has become an unprecedented issue and given way to concepts such as proactive multitasking, some process computers can be blocked or suspended while waiting for the data necessary to complete the process.

Somewhere over the past few decades, the name has turned into a description of a skill that is considered desirable, and even necessary, for all people under the age of 90. Very reasonable, it seems in this world ruled by cyberspace.

Women, as critics declare, are of course multiple tasks … except for, at least, this writer. Certainly there are people who can easily feed a child, discipline another child while watching their favorite TV show; all activities that do not require focus but simply observation.

The issue is attention.

The truth is that our supply is limited.

Unfortunately, the current meaning of the term mulitasking has evolved to have multiple conversations while studying, texting, Facebook or tweets while reading or driving with potentially dire consequences: activities requiring attention and focus.

Recently, I read more and more articles stressing the need to focus, reduce distractions, and refuse to respond to what might be a request for response, but simply just another time.

I hope you take these views … the world.


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