At the beginning of this year, it was delivered at the deep end, well and truly. I bought a cheap e-book store on Ebay, and I was thinking at the time, it wasn't a good idea, but I didn't know anything about it at all. I had no regrets, and I loved every minute of it. However, I didn't quite realize how much my life was about to change. Countless hours you spend on the computer, studying many new programming terms, trying to understand the importance of keywords, SEO, and connectivity. !! It may sound familiar to many of you.

The thing that has come up again and again is to improve search engine rankings by cross-linking. It seemed a good idea, and it seemed so simple. “You just have to paste this code in the html language anywhere on your webpage.” The statement I got was from potential link partners and in order to put an end to it, I had to do it first before they accepted my link.
You are stuck. Probably experienced website owners would laugh at this but for the new website owner without any programming experience trying to accommodate HTML, php, dns, ftp and many other things, believe me this was a real hitch.

I was especially worried and disturbed because I received explicit instructions not to put html on my php site because it might spoil the system. If I wanted to do the same, how was it supposed on Earth to do this?

The real challenge came when I joined Amazon, of course I usually got the usual "pasting this script", and I sent an email to Amazon for help and got a nice quick response saying that they couldn't really help because there are so many different types of sites with affiliates Its 100,000!

The next step is Google Search. "How to paste html on php" and a variety of other word combinations but although I got a lot of good information, none of them solved my problem. One idea was to use Windows Notepad to create a php file with link information inside. I put the file on my site but of course it didn't. Looking back was because the file was not in the database.

After that, I downloaded html to php converter on a free trial. No problem i converted the script to php. But where can I paste it?
Then I searched the internet looking for webpages similar to mys. Then I used "View Source" in Windows Explorer to see how these other pages were set up.
Then a penny finally fell!

I went to "website / cpanel" and then click on "File Manager" and the general html / include. Here there are four header, footer, left column, and right column files. Now for a big decision – remember any programming experience! – I pasted the php code at the bottom of the header file and left a lot of space between the current text and the new text so that I could remove it if an error occurred. I also took a copy of the existing text, complete, again in the event of a disaster. You saved the changes. I closed the dashboard and registered on my site. To my surprise Amazon was drawing on the page and working properly, changing the display randomly. But he was totally in the wrong place.

Obviously, the next step was to move it by clearing my previous change and placing it in the "left column". He was still in the wrong place where he went to the top and wanted it on the bottom. After much study and experience were introduced

Above the new text and BINGO was exactly where I wanted it. This was supposed to be the end of the job but I couldn't help but noticed it in the rest of the page text " He appears constantly. If I can only use php, why should I make this statement. Needless to say, I took and pasted the original HTML text, it was working the same way. Now I know where my mutual bonds are pasted. This time put them in "footers" at the bottom of the page with html. It works well and seems to be done. During my experience, the worst thing was that when I reopen my webpage after editing, often got a "syntax error", I found it wasn't a big deal, I just erased what I had previously done and went back to normal. For me, messing around with my php files was like messing with "Holy Grail" at first. One interesting point. I get dozens of emails daily from internet teachers who make all sorts of claims about how to change my life etc. with their superior knowledge, so I wrote to each one of them asking for help on mutual link and never got one response. I've read that many websites never try to link. Is it because they are reluctant, as you were, to interfere in their files? Maybe they don't know how to do this, and most importantly, where to get help on this topic. In writing this article, I will be on the moon if it helps one person not to be shocked and the time I went through .. & copy; 2007 Christopher Phillips – All rights reserved worldwide


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