NLP may help symptoms of fibromyalgia. It is a self-help method that helps patients understand the way we think and feel. NLP is said to be a beneficial treatment for fibromyalgia by helping the person find freedom from the underlying emotional problems that contribute to chronic pain and other symptoms. NLP is described as "studying the structure of subjective experience".

" Nervousness "It indicates how the brain works." Linguist "It is defined as how language interacts with the brain. The word" Programming "Describes how we use this reaction to get the results we want for ourselves and others. NLP is a mix of cognitive and behavioral sciences.

NLP is said to be used to help people who quit smoking, lose weight, performance, confidence, anxiety, anger management, relieve stress, chronic pain, addiction, phobia, self-negative perception, insomnia and depression.

The fundamental principle in NLP is that the words we use reflect our unconscious inner awareness of our problems. If we allow our negative perceptions and words to fade, the fundamental problem will persist. These negative words and attitudes can actually become who we are – even if they are inaccurate. Reality is processed by the five senses and the nervous system, which translates into an experience. Our experience is then given meaning through language and nonverbal communication.

If we look at the hypothesis behind NLP, language and nonverbal communication give meaning to our experience, it is logical that if we know our negative communication patterns, the experience can be modified to more positive ways of thinking and communicating.

NLP is designed to change unwanted behaviors and beliefs, to help us achieve personal acceptance and improve our lives. NLP systematically explores, clarifies and informs patterns of human perception, information processing, behavior and communication. The goal is to help eliminate things that prevent your ability to work and to promote those things that help you achieve overall excellence and wellness.

Language and words have a powerful influence on changing concepts. It is suggested that NLP provide a flexible approach that leads to positive and rapid change in individuals, enabling them to adapt to an ever-changing internal world. NLP shows us how to understand and succeed our successes in a realistic way, so we can reproduce them.

NLP experts say positive self-talk is a must and not a negative. You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want. Basically, in adjusting the position.

NLP is new to me and possibly also to you. I have not tested this treatment myself, but I feel it is important to present it as an option for FM disease and chronic pain. Since we are completely different when it comes to visualizing our pain, intensity, and emotional state, what works for some may not work for others. Discuss NLP with your health care provider to determine if NLP is worth trying


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