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In contemporary physics in recent years, a new field has developed under the name "digital physics". The basic premise in this theoretical perspective is that the universe is accountable and a manifestation of information. Deep inside the supersymmetry equations of string theory, physicist James Gates essentially found what was a "computer symbol". The concept of entropy gravity by physicist Eric Verlinde and the holographic principle of the physical scientist Van Hofft are consistent with the idea that the physical universe is made of information, which represents energy and matter as mere manifestations. Perhaps the most famous essay in this theoretical field is an article "From the Bit" by the physical writer J. a. Wheeler.

As an extrapolation from these theories has come to suspect that the universe may actually be a computer and that we may actually live in a computer simulation. The vast majority of supporters of this theoretical view believe that existence is ultimately absolutely inevitable.

However, the convincing theory of everything based on digital physics, which would also be able to compute the existence of consciousness in this universe, has not yet seen daylight. In fact, understanding awareness remains a distant and often called "difficult problem." Within the prevailing physical paradigm among scientists, including most digital physicists, the problem of explaining consciousness is usually dismissed as non-existent, as consciousness is considered merely an emerging effect that arises if the system reaches sufficient complexity.

In addition to awareness as an unexplained phenomenon within the framework of digital physics, in quantum physics, we encounter indeterminacy, non-localization, entanglement, and two-wave particles. Regarding computation, we are faced with the inability of some phenomena to their inability to move, and we adhere to the incomplete Gödel theory. Moreover, physics could not introduce quantum physics and theory of relativity under a common denominator. These phenomena and concepts do not seem to fit into the critical universe of a computer based on digital physics.

This has led to the hypothesis of some other physicists and philosophers that consciousness may actually lie in the basis of existence. Philosopher Peter Russell proposes a paradigm shift under the title "The Priority of Consciousness", where information, matter and energy are just manifestations of consciousness. This leads to a panpsychic or hylozoic perspective on reality.

Interestingly, Steven Kaufman's URT (Unified Reality Theory) and CTMU (Chronicle Theoretical Model of the Universe) of Chris Langan combine digital physics and corruption in an amazing way. While these theories do not deny, rather we assume that material reality is in fact based on information and even digital, in its versions, in fact the physical aspects of material existence are an integral part of a deeper fundamental level of infinite absolute existence or absolute awareness (Kaufman) or "Telesis Unlimited" (Langan). The concepts of Kaufman and Langan are surprisingly similar, but they use a completely different language which makes it difficult to see similarities.

In my search for a comprehensive "theory of everything" involving consciousness, I was not convinced of the physical scientific model, but the alternative in the form of religion or esotericism was also not attractive. Most refreshing to me was the perspective offered by Langan and Kauffman, which unites physics and metaphysics, quantum physics and theory of relativity, determinism and indeterminacy, gravity, electromagnetism, information, mass and energy. In order to unify the whole generalities and comprehensive computational generalities, I enriched my own interpretation of their work with some additional concepts, which will become evident in the context of this article. This leads to a hypothetical framework of understanding, which – in fact – is still my guess, but allows me to talk about how existence works without having to resort to silly, mystical, frightening, or magical interpretations or interpretations of many worlds. .

In order to illustrate how to accomplish this, I will have to provide more details about Coffman's URT. I chose not to dive into Langan's work, because despite his conceptual merits, it explodes with blurred modern theology.

Both Kaufman and Langan's work are based on the idea that everything is the same in a reduced form, that is, primitive consciousness.

Absolute existence or primitive consciousness, in an attempt to identify knowledge and perception of itself, forms a first relationship with itself, i.e. from the absolute mediator a pair of cells of mutual and coexisting reality are created, which are each other's opposite of the pole and relational.

Like cell division, these two real cells divide into many reality cells based on duplication or successive polarizations, resulting in a relational matrix of reality cells, somewhat similar to the mass of cells in embryonic development, such as motora.

The boundaries of these realistic cells are not physical and immutable, but dynamic and resilient. Reality cells can expand and contract (a type of breathing), and penetrate into the original area of ​​each other when they are adjacent and form a kind of foam from closely packed balls. In their ideal form, they are ergonomically arranged in the most ideal cube packaging, which leads to a repeating base unit, Buckminster Fuller calls the isotropic equilibrium from which the isotropic vector array is constructed.

Reality cell matrix is ​​actually proven Void (I do not say spacetime, because I will present time at a later point in this article, for the sake of argument) which is the equivalent of a forgotten "ether" or "Okasha" long ago. But it differs from the traditionally assumed ether, because it is not a type of gas or liquid from the smallest possible molecules. As has already been said, it is more like a foam. Boundaries form a type of space skeleton, which is interconnected throughout the entire matrix, so that in the absence of distortions, locally-operated actuators can be sensed globally. This semi-rigid and semi-rigid structure also solves the problem of the noticeable absence of "ether winds" in Michelson Morley's experiment, which rejected the ether of the fantasy world. In fact, this matrix structure somehow unifies the aspects of solids, liquids, and gases and is the ultimate relative means of building all other relative structures.

While this space sustains the growth of reality cells and extends into the undifferentiated absolute existence / absolute consciousness, the absolute consciousness in turn penetrates the cells of reality and gives them "content", which can be considered a distortion with respect to the matrix of non-differentiated ambient reality cells. When such distortion is linearly spread across the matrix as it travels from one truth cell to its neighbor, this forms what we usually know as “energy,” and depending on the degree of energy content that a light or photon can have.

Active distortions follow radial (or lateral) fading distortions with respect to their linear progression, as they advance across the matrix. When two mutilations encounter two mutations each other, this less severe distortion creates room for increased distortion content. Because active distortion always follows the law that must spread in the direction where distortion is the maximum, active distortions will begin to rotate around each other creating what Kaufman calls a "complex process." This forms what we know as a physical particle or matter for a while. In fact, electromagnetism is associated with the linear spread of active distortions and gravity up to radially awakening.

When moving freely through the matrix (i.e. not encountering other vital distortions), the vital distortions propagate at the maximum speed determined by their constant penetration rate and volumetric presence. These two parameters always result in the speed of light in the Kaufman model.

Thus, Kaufman demonstrated the way energy is constructed from energy and ultimately is the same. Now since reality cells can contain active content resulting from distortion energy propagating through the relational matrix or not, the collection of reality cells and distorted energies forms the basis of a system of memory cells that can be turned on or off. In this way, the relational matrix and power distortions build a natural digital computer in which every flow of active distortions is a kind of information transfer. Thus, Kaufman also shows the way that energy and information are ultimately the same.

If there is a flow of binary information into a memory array, it can be connected that this is a form of calculation. The rules for this calculation are defined by the previously stated linear and radial propagation rules.

In line with Langan, the near similarity in energy distortions causes particle formation, or in other words it causes the wave to collapse into a particle by starting to orbit around another particle. Interestingly, in latent semantic analysis, meaning is established by the imminent occurrence of terms. If two periods occur at a certain limited distance from each other repeatedly, this means that they have a specific meaning. They constitute what is called "intensity". Context is provided by repeating the common proximity. Likewise, for a physical event to have a meaning, it must appear, which can only happen if it interacts with another entity in close proximity. In this way the physical formation is also in the state of formation.

If the information is sent, there must be a recipient of the information. There should be a note.

In Kaufman's model, everything is exciting. Reality cells can sense each other, dynamic distortions distort the maximum, and multiple distortions distort each other. Indeed, realistic cells and active deformities can be considered types of conscious entities even though their amount of awareness is very accurate. Primary awareness is the ability to feel and react, and this quality cannot be denied with respect to real cells or active distortions.

Thus URT is a model that is panpsychic and pancomputational.

The advantage of this model over the traditional digital physics model and simulation argument is:

Memory cells are not solids that can only carry the value 1 and 0. Instead, it has a certain degree of dynamism, albeit limited. They can transfer content to neighbors and thus create measurable energy and local information. But their interconnectedness also allows them to immediately hesitate to a different kind of information globally, which Kaufman demonstrates to explain the quantum effect of "frightening tele-action" or entanglement: if the particle's spin is changed here, his entangled partner's spin is changed to Immediately also without there being a clear transfer of information. This is because the meshed partners are connected to each other via the matrix of the reality cell. If we talk metaphorically, it's like turning a broom: if you flip one side, the other side will also be reversed.

Moreover, the potential to sense most of the essential components obviates the need for awareness to emerge. Sensory power already exists on the most primitive level, and it is not the result of anything but the cause of everything.

This primitive consciousness may have a primitive form of free will, perhaps it can be inferred from the fact that when it is fired at double silt individually, photons choose one of the cracks that they pass. I will further elaborate on the double-slit experiment in a later section of this article.

Consciousness and free will as aspects inherent in the components of reality make it possible to give perceived lack of clarity, inability to productivity, or randomness to certain phenomena, quantitative weirdness, etc.

It obviates the difficulty of the simulation argument that for each quantum entity, the algorithm based on the pseudo-random number will need to be associated with it. Alternatively, if what we observe is just a three-dimensional projection, and the quantum level is only revealed (or presented) whenever we look, then the simulation needs to program a type of spy protocol, an algorithm that shows us quantum effects whenever we research at this level. It looks very far-fetched and requires almost endless programming with simulation as well as a priori knowledge of everything we can imagine. It does not make sense. Although the current model does not necessarily exclude that this level of reality we face is simulation, it does not necessarily require it. Indeed, it is comprehensive computing at the basic level, where computation is self-reliant, self-generated, and self-empowering.

Consequently, the need to erase a holistic, all-encompassing God equipped with God was avoided. If there is anything spiritual about the present paradigm, then is every autonomous entity in fact a soul, a relativistic part embedded and claws of a broader universal consciousness that is all-encompassing, and which searches itself for self-knowledge. A "search for self-knowledge" is nothing less than an automatic self-feeding loop known as consciousness. If you are comfortable calling this ultimate awareness of God, be my guest, but don't expect the system to give you a set of wills or rules of ethics. In fact, everything that happens in this system is part of this "God", including what you might consider the most shameful event. If he is a deity, then he is a deity that transcends your traditional moral sense.

However, it cannot be denied that the total system of existence seeks order and complexity despite its naturally dissolved force in entropy. Langan calls this process "Telesis", which seeks to maximize public benefit. In a sense it can be called "natural ethics", but it is far from the imposed concepts of human social grouping.

As an additional result, Kaufman's theory replaces Einstein's curvature with a gradient equivalent to radial distortion, which has the same effect but allows gravity to be determined as a radial component of the amount of distorted energy. Gravity is not estimated as a single particle like gravity that has never been observed, but rather as a radius of distorted energy and works in an additive way that yields a classic field.

Thus the Kurtman URT eliminates the need to reconcile quantum mechanics with general relativity, by avoiding the need to disturb space-time and give a mathematical sound equivalent.

The only strange quantum effect that Kaufman did not describe in the URT is the double-slit experiment. In a double-slit experiment when individual photons or electrons are fired sequentially on a double-slit wall, the positions they reach on the screen behind the wall with slits are those of the interference pattern, which is usually seen only for waves and not for particles. But when a detector is placed in the slits to see through which the slit of the passed particle is observed, a pattern of two lines corresponding to the slits is observed on the screen, which is what you would expect when it bombed a double slit system with particle entities. This is known as "particle wave duality" and is still a physicist mystery.

However, Kaufman's teachings implicitly indicate a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon: the direction of the spread of active distortion is toward the adjacent neighboring reality cell that first reaches the level of maximum distortion. This means that there is a distorted effect expected from the cell with maximum distortion in the cell that precedes it. This distorted effect in the next cell can be considered as a pilot wave interface preceding the actual distortion. In other words, a wave-shaped deformation precedes the deformation of the particle shape as a result of this particle that spreads across the reality matrix. Despite the similarity to "less radial distortions", Kaufman had explained this "pioneer" with distorted content in his book, but he had not. I am adding it here as an implicit supplement, with a slight modification. It is noteworthy that David Boom and Diproly actually proposed "experimental waves" as an explanation of the strange quantum effects of the double-slit experiment, but they did not know what was "waving."

By combining the idea of ​​experimental waves as a distorted effect with a reality cell matrix, we get something that becomes a plausible explanation: I suggest that the distorted effect in the experimental cell could either be from distorted content that has penetrated into a cell or alternatively in the form of the semi-mentioned immediate recoil The skeleton of the foam type is from the boundaries of a realistic cell matrix. If this echo continues through cracks, it will create an interference pattern before the distorted content, which changes the cell pattern located between the slit wall and screen. Once the energy is completely distorted via one of the slits, it is directed by its pre-experimental wave interference pattern. This effect has been successfully demonstrated in fluid dynamics by physicists Yves Couder and Emmanuel Forte, who used rebound silicone drops in a rocking oil bath: The experimental wave resulting from the drop on the surface guides movement drops and is able to accurately reproduce the results of a double-slit experiment (without detectors in Cracks) in the classic system.

If this is a reasonable explanation, then what happens when there are crack detectors? The solution to this dilemma is as follows: Detectors must emit a type of energy to be able to detect passing energy. When the energy emitted and the passing energy meet each other, it creates a "compound process". When energies orbiting each other continue behind the slit due to their orbital motion, when they leave one particle when facing a bottom in the interference pattern, the other must go in the right direction. This results in direct movement around lower alignment basins, making the ground of the particles behind the aperture on the screen.

Another feature of this analogy with the bounce drop is that it helps to understand the synthesis: When the distorted energy continues inside the reality cell, there is an infinite little moment where it is not noticeable, such as the moment when the drop hovers over the surface and does not make contact bounce. When a particle encounters an energy barrier that it usually cannot penetrate, it can sneak through the barrier if it is at the moment of influence with the barrier at exactly that point where the deformed energy does not affect the cells of the external reality cells. However, it requires that the cells of reality in which the energy barrier appears are not uniformly deformed.

Time only finds an introduction to the URT when the issue is established. While purely biological anomalies have a constant dynamics, complex processes have variable cyclicity and variable depending on the accumulation of matter. Time is nothing more than a measure of the intrinsic cycle of the dynamic structure of matter, and the faster the time. The complex process shown in 4D can be represented as a helix. The smaller the mass or inertia of a complex particle, the greater the "wavelength" of the "helix". In such a representation, light travels completely linearly across the matrix of a reality cell. In other words, the distorted energies that make up the compound process in the absolute sense still move at the speed of light, but have to cross the longer spiral path compared to the unobstructed photon. Although this theory is entirely consistent with special relativity, as time slows down as an object approaches the speed of light, it avoids the strange concept of curved time, which is why I have explicitly declined to start writing this article. Using the terms space-time.

I hope you enjoyed this attempt to combine the teachings of Kaufman (mostly) and Langan with digital physics in order to generate. The conceptual framework, which I hope will one day become true to TOE A TOE unites the method of public computing with Panpsychism which allows reasonable interpretations of quantum weirdness and avoids unnecessary multiple global assumptions, which is TOE where the sense is only primary, structural, and secondary.


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