"The best way to speed up a computer is the method that boosts it by 9.8 m / s ^ 2."

Philosopher Nick Bostrom, director of the Institute for the Future of Humanity at Oxford University in the simulation argument 'stated that humanity literally lives in computer simulations. Instead of brains in ponds fed by sensory inputs from a simulator, the brains themselves will also be part of the simulation. A large computer that mimics everything, including human brains all the way to neurons and synapses. ”(Con, 2nd)

A few programming instances in everyday life are listed below ..

Class and object, the most important features of object-oriented programming, as we all know, play a vital role. According to the programmer, a class is nothing but a blueprint for an object and an object is a true global entity with an inherent meaning and having certain characteristics and behaviors. In the same way, if we bought a mobile phone from a mobile store, we would get the following in the box: instruction manual, mobile phone, charger, headphone, etc. In the above case, Mobile is a real entity (i.e. an object) with multiple purpose or characteristics and how to use it is provided by the instruction manual (i.e. the class).

Packaging is the conclusion of data and functions in one unit (i.e. a class). It also ensures data security. In the same way, the medications we take are also wrapped. There is an outer layer / layer surrounding the pill / capsule for several purposes. First, it keeps all the medical formulas intact. Secondly, it is prohibited to interfere with the external environment, which may change its composition. Third, the effectiveness of the drug is also increased as it reaches the target area without any difference in its nature. Medical installations may be referred to as data and functions, while a ban on interference with the external environment may be referred to as ensuring data security.

Polymorphism, which is only a case of occurrence in various forms. When we are in a classroom, we act as a student. When we are in the market, we act like a customer and when we are in our house, we act like a son or daughter. This is the way in our daily life, and we apply polymorphism. One person, playing different roles at different times depending on the circumstances.

Inheritance is when an object or class relies on an object or other class, using the same application (inheriting from an object or class) that specifies execution to maintain the same behavior (interface realization; genetic behavior). Whenever a child is born, he inherits or extends the genetic information of his parents as the child's class is inherited from the parent class. As in programming, a parent’s class separation from the classroom, in the same way, in everyday life cannot inherit. Parents, after giving the child money, are not re-requested in general cases.

A variable is a value that can change, depending on the circumstances or the information that is passed to the program according to the programmer. Have we ever considered the fact that our emotions, needs, desires, expectations and many of these related issues are also variables where they change / change / change depending on external or internal conditions. For example, we are happy when something good happens to us while we feel sad immediately when the situation is against us, this is only the treatment of mood as a variable whose value changes accordingly.

A constant is an identifier with a related value that cannot be changed by the program during normal execution, and it is really a difficult definition to remember for ordinary people like me. But we can consider a simple fact that our spirit is fixed. We never die. Our body consists of two parts, the soul and the total body. The gross body is nothing but the outer covering (i.e. the epidermis) and is variable while on the other hand, the soul is purely stationary. The soul passes from one fixed body to another.

How can I say that our total body is changing while on the other hand, the soul is fixed?

The answer to the above question is simple and logical. If we keep our eyes wide open, we can notice several categories of people such as the few who reside in a multi-storey building while a few are in the slums. Why is there a difference? Did you think about it? It is because of the effect of karma. Your total body, and you will get one purely dependent on past life activities. The human form of life is very lucky and special. The soul moves from one body to another until the true impulse is achieved. There are various other ways to understand this concept but they are outside of my interest.

There are many important programming facts that can easily be linked with our daily life, but I would like to limit myself even here. Hoping to write more of these wonderful articles to keep pace with the enthusiasm of the 'Technology Arena'.


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