When looking for technology grants, one should consider the pros and cons of targeting the federal government to fund technology grants to nonprofits. When looking for funding for programs, I think there are three advantages to targeting the federal government: 1. Money is certain, 2. There is easy access to information, 3. Large orders, and thus more profits. While three disadvantages will be: the proposal for a comprehensive bid, large amounts of paperwork throughout the contract period, and competition is great.

The first feature I included is that the money is certain. If my company gets an employment contract from the government, it will be paid. This will reduce late payment or collections that we currently deal with smaller entities or individuals. The second advantage of targeting the federal government is that the government may provide easy access to information to its contractors through modern Internet sites, which you do not always have access to with smaller suppliers. Finally, the third feature that I see is that larger orders are worth more profit. Obtaining a government contract is likely to be a big deal and a profit for our company, which deserves any obstacles we may have to overcome in the long run.

The first drawback I see to target the federal government is that there is likely to be a widespread proposal process. We've bidding for local suppliers who don't even compare the hundreds of potential pages a government proposal might contain. This could mean many of the material hours invested in preparing the bid for the proposal. Secondly, I think my company’s big drawback if we want to secure a government offer is that there will be large amounts of paperwork in order to maintain the contract. The government is under the public eye, and therefore has developed strict regulations that suppliers must follow, which include a lot of paperwork! This again, involves several hours to keep up with this commitment. The third flaw in my belief is that the competition will be enormous. Although governments are required to favor small companies, I think the competition between these smaller companies will be very big. I feel that my company will be at a disadvantage compared to other competitors based on the fact that we are first, we are not a depression company and secondly that we are not a minority owned company.

Having said all this, I would advise the leadership of my company "look for it"! I think they should follow up on a government contract and justify this by saying that I think the benefits outweigh the flaws in our situation. I think the potential profit alone justifies my recommendation. However, before making this final decision to proceed, I also recommend my company to review our current budget and ensure that the additional hours cost involved in preparing the bid proposal will be reasonable even if the contract is not awarded. After that, of course, if the contract is awarded, the cost of maintaining the papers must be considered.


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