When marketing marketing was introduced to the world of network marketing two years ago, the concepts promoted by Mike Dillard and Ann Seag were fantastic, but for many MLM and home business owners, they were still very foreign. They couldn't understand not driving their MLM business. They only knew to sell their business, products and tools. This concept, after all, a lot came through the old school to list, harass and chase friends, family and acquaintances to generate interest in their business opportunities. Although no one wanted to do these things, they didn't realize that there was another way to whip a cat and felt that way the way it should be.

For network marketers who were open to attractive marketing, what Sage had been studying in her book, Renegade Network Marketer, and Mike Dillard in his book, Magnetic Care, had a great meaning, but the question many worshipers asked for these two people was. .. "How do I do this work?"

Renegade University – Renegade Professional

Enter Mike Klingler. Mike realized this very early on, and he realized with the most successful subsidiaries of Renegade and Dillard from the feedback they got that people just needed to point in the right direction, but they needed to show that. Most people are visual learners and lack the computer skills, language, and terminology associated with the use of technology. Mike Klingler knew exactly how to implement and would narrow that gap.

Speaking with Klingler, he built his business by leveraging the attractive marketing strategies of Ann Seig and Mike Dillard. Indeed, he shared that while others may face different outcomes, he found that he was attracting baby boomers to the Renegade Network Marketer from Seig, while younger men were drawn to Dillard Magnetic Sponsor, but the two groups were responsible for growth in his core business endeavors.

Here's another thing to understand. Network marketers are not internet marketers; the strategies and promotional languages ​​the two use differ greatly, and franchises felt like a “fish out of the water” when they started their online marketing career. After all, they didn't know how to build a website or knew what a blog was. They really didn't understand pay-per-click methods or free traffic generation methods. And what the heck was this web 2.0 thing? Automatic answerer? Huh? They only knew old school hotel meetings, drawing circles, and harassing family and friends. Well, apply a 3-foot base, too.

Klingler bridged the gap between Dillard and Seig to tell people "why" and "how to apply" attraction marketing to Klingler's education step-by-step to actually implement education. It is an ideal marriage of information and knowledge with the application itself. Network marketing enthusiasts Renegade and Mike Dillard-hards who are simply frustrated by the lack of inter-network marketing techniques and strategies now have everything put in easy steps to follow the activity.

Klingler was very careful and thoughtful about creating university training pitches. It has given consideration to those who have no online experience, who have some online experience and those who just want to improve their skills and pick up some new tricks.

Renegade University provides a real school environment where there are levels of knowledge within the curriculum and once you have mastered one skill, you can simply move on to the next one. There are homework and calls to work as one learns. For anyone who wants to learn how to do internet marketing, this training is manual and progressive training.

What strategies does Renegade University teach?

For starters, as Mike Klinger knows, students always remind students that promoting and marketing their online network marketing business is due to the ability to brand themselves as an expert in their field of work. Attractive marketing doesn't attract old sales type techniques to try and sell your opportunity from the start.

Renegade University shows you exactly how to implement what Dillard and Seig teach. Technologies such as article marketing, pay-per-click, social media marketing, setting profiles in Squidoo, Facebook, Twitter, etc. How to improve your free generation strategies around some of your keywords and long keyword phrases, using a social bookmark and even hiring help, known as outsourcing. The curriculum is impressive. The best of all is that students learn through educational video training, so it is like being in a class position. No guides to download and left for interpretation.

Renegade University and Renegade Professional Course Book is Ann Seig, The Renegade Network Marketer, which can be obtained from any Renegade University website. Klingler created Renegade University so you can take a free tour and get an idea of ​​"under the hood". It gives you an opportunity to experience the teaching style through video and the value provided.

When submitting a balanced review, I noticed that some of the categories on the scheduled date of release are still in the pavilion. Students are keen on these classes and wish to open. Specifically, the video categories are in the Craigs and Ezines menu. There is also a need for more specific training on how to make good videos. Renegade offers lessons in understanding the face camera, how to upload your shots and make adjustments, however, the essence of specific stage settings is missing. Things to come to students. Mike provides a blog for campus students and keeps them abreast of live seminars and upcoming events. There are weeks of education and when you think you've got it all, Mike adds to the curriculum so that it becomes an "always learning" environment.

In my research, I discovered that people spend huge sums on "How to do Internet Marketing" and just spin their wheels. Renegade University has everything a beginner needs to start learning how to become an Internet marketer, add its content to the world and do it in a way that makes it magnetic.

The best category offered in my opinion? Writing with clouds. I am introducing another story on that alone.


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