Author: Bob Seiden Sticker

ISBN: 1576753700

In an era when there is a lot of noise about the wonders of modern technology, Bob Seiden Sticker urges us to take a step back and put everything in a more realistic perspective or, as he says it, we must protect ourselves against the noise.

The main theme of Seidensticker in FutureHype: The Myths Of Technology Change is that the pace of technological change is not increasing steadily. According to Seiden Sticker, although we may live in a rapidly changing era, this does not mean that we are the only people who have experienced this phenomenon. In earlier times, people had their own examples of rapid change and discovering whether our times are truly unique, it is necessary to compare social change today with times of the past. Indeed, as Seiden Sticker warns us, "the popular perception of modern technology is amplified and out of step with reality."

The book is divided into two parts, and first explains how to fall into the trap of incorrect vision and myopia technique. Seiden Sticker confirms his claims with several concrete examples illustrated in this first section.

For example, we are reminded that technology may be innovative, but the product that we build from this technology is not necessarily revolutionary, especially if our expectations are out of sight. It must be remembered that predictions are often a picture of the present more than a future, and there is often a risk of reckless induction.

The Internet may be able to provide us with a great deal of information, however, will this lead us to be better informed. Maybe not, because the downside is that a lot of the information is unreliable and pure garbage!

One of the tones that are being bombed daily is that we must blindly trust modern technology and lay all our eggs in one basket. All this is awesome until the basket is broken, as we rely strictly on programs that are sometimes filled with bugs or when we have fragile and fragile technology. There is no doubt that all of this has created much of the insecurity that we feel today in our modern world.

The second part of the book looks at the persistence of change in a wide range of popular culture in the regions, health and safety, fear and anxiety, personal technologies, and businesses. We have been provided with an excellent survey of the history of technology illustrated with stories of thousands of years of human progress proving to us that technological change is not unique in our time.

FutureHype: The Myths Of Technology Change engages readers with a difficult study as technology is neither good nor bad nor neutral. "Technology is not inherently good or bad, but it will have an impact," says Seiden Sticker. This is the important effect, because it will have a good and a bad side.

Bob Seidensticker has spent twenty-five years in the technology industry and holds 13 software patents. His extensive experience is clear evidence of his insightful and inspiring study, because he warns his readers of the dangers of fascination with technology. It also warns us that we must not lose sight of the myths that surround technology and the unexpected ways in which it develops and affects our lives, while examining its negative aspects at the same time. As he concludes his book, he leaves us with a very important caveat, "We will not be afraid to buy a certain technology because the seller, the advertisement or your nephew tells you that." Ask yourself if the product is right for you?


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