Robots are basically studying how robots are made, procedures, and controls. Lessons learned are about mechanics, electronics, and computer programming. In mechanics, the parts are observed and their relationship to each other, and on electronics the effects of battery use and electrical energy are analyzed and on computer programming, the robot control management and strategies are explored. The so-called decision theory robots lie in the third section of the study which is computer programming.

In decision theory robots, the algorithm and information programs are very important because they are programmed in the robot to be fed with information through the use of transistors and receivers. Once the robot obtains the algorithms, the specific actions programmed for this type of algorithm will be executed. The robot's response ability depends only on the software which means it is always under human control. Robots can do many things, but it's all because of human ideas and intelligence.

Ideally, each algorithm associated with a fixed or predetermined program should be expressed whenever the information is detected by the robot. But at some point there are chances that the accuracy of the decision theory fails between the algorithm and the setup program. When this happens, the robot will be completely disabled, and will take actions not related to the required operation or in the worst case, the robot will lose its ability and be paralyzed. In such cases, help from robots and programming experts is needed only because they can understand the complexity of the robot.

The use of decision theory robots played an important role in our society today, because in almost everything we do, we use some simple robots or devices that work because of this theory. We are just not aware but the cell phones and other devices that we use are an example. We must appreciate the things that these simple robots do for us because they make our life better and easier. They care about the things a person should do, and they accelerate the pace of life for everyone.


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