As we promised, this is the second part of Techies' terminology article that gives you insight into today's technology and helps you understand what's going on in the tech world today. We hope you find this article educational and useful for any future doubts you may have.

iPad – a group of tablets (see our previous article on this topic) with the main audio and visual purpose that includes books, newspapers, music, movies, games and web content. The operating system is the same as in iPod Touch and iPhone (see our previous article) and is able to run its own apps. However, except for websites, this small device can only run Apple-approved software purchased in online stores, unless jail is broken, which brings us to the next period.

IOS jailbreak – a process to unlock all the features of Apple iOS devices. Once unlocked, the device is not only limited to Apple apps, but is able to download any application extension or other feature that is not available in the Apple online store. Jailbreaking is very easy to do, just by downloading a program that enables you to unlock the operating system. The jailbreak is still illegal in the U.S., although it void the Apple device warranty.

Netbook – A new generation of small, lightweight and cheaper version for laptops. Netbooks first appeared on the market in 2007 as an alternative to laptops. Compared to their older brothers, Netbooks have smaller screens and a keyboard, lower computing power, and they have neglected some features (such as an optical drive). They usually weigh 2-3 pounds (1 kg) and are often much less expensive than other laptops.

Kindle – a new way to read books. It's a brand of e-readers who are still divided. If you are an emotional reader, you may not be fully supportive of this tool because you will read books from the screen, pages do not run, no pages appear, and pages do not feel. However, you can get more than one book in one place without zigzagging under the weight of Tolkien's trilogy. For some people, this seems like a perfect solution, and for some – an incomparable alternative.

Sony PSP2 – one of the other Sony games that is about to come at the end of this year or early next year. Also known as its NGP or PSP2 code the next generation Play Station-like game consoles. Next year, PSP2 or NGP will be one of the leading companies ', so, the gadgets are ready to hear a lot about them once they are out in the open'.

At the end of the second part of Techies' terminology article, we hope to help you overcome some doubts you may have. Given the great interest our readers have in this topic, this will not be the last article on technical terminology. Look for more articles and we are always happy to help!


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