Advances in technology, valiant journeys, and important people in the age of exploration have created a wonderful step towards the modern era. Improved technologies, such as the compass, which helped sailors during their journey to reach their destination, were improved during this era. The courageous journeys of many men have been amazing, like Gil Eanes' short but important journey through the green sea of ​​darkness. In the age of exploration, many important people decided to overstep their abilities, for example Ferdinand Magellan, who circled the Earth.

Many important improvements were made to technology during the Age of Exploration. First, Prince Henry's designers improved the fine structure, late sailing, and two notebooks to take the trips the sailors had to take. The compass, an essential part of any type of excursion, that was used to look at the direction in which one was traveling, was promoted throughout this era. Prince Henry's sailing plan required the astrolabe, which determined how willing to prepare for their journey. Improved maps were part of technological improvements during the Age of Discovery and were used to find their destination.

In addition, the valiant journeys of many important personalities were absolutely amazing. Gil Eanes's journey across the green sea from darkness was short, but he was the leader of the first successful voyage across the ocean. Columbus' well-known trip was an exciting journey that led to Native Americans and the discovery of America, which he did not know was America. Vasco De Gama's travels were important because he was the man who embarked on a difficult and long journey. Traveling in Magellan is one of the most respected trips of all time because it was not a great opportunity for success and his crew made it.

Finally, the eminent personalities of this time decided to go beyond their skills. Prince Henry, the navigator, was the man who estimated some people and some technology to become an important part of history. Gail Iannis, a brave sailor of Portugal is a respectable person at this time because he was the man who broke the fear of the green sea of ​​darkness. The two people, Columbus and Vasco de Gama, are both giants who have made some difficult and long journeys that greatly influenced history. Finally, the man of great importance to this generation was Magellan with his unrealistic cavity that transcended his various abilities in his era.

In summary, many important achievements were accomplished during this time. Old techniques were modified for important figures who made successful journeys in their lives. Respected people of all time represent this period of time that shows completion during journeys and improvements. The period of discovery was a tremendous achievement for the esteemed people of the time.


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