One of the main features that make us human is our ability to communicate. Whenever we live a healthy group life, we participate in face-to-face conversations, care and respect for others, and we pay attention to important ethics principles that then help us to live with each other without engaging in too much discord. I am not aware of any critical mass of individuals who live in a community at any time in history who has survived times living in total isolation from their direct community, its values ​​and communication practices. And most importantly – the ability to learn from his mistakes over time. The smartphone has been hindering the millennial generation in this regard.

The smartphone has been hindering the millennium. I heard it right. You may ask … Why do you say this professor? Let me explain why by giving you a realistic example that changed the way I interact with humans of the opposite sex.

As a child, I struggled to talk to girls face to face. I was very shy and afraid to talk to one girl separately … I had a great fear of rejection at the time. Although these feelings are not completely alien to young boys, I know today that my levels of shyness (and therefore my inability to speak to a person of the opposite sex) at the time were probably higher than most boys who were shy in my generation.

Like most teenage children, I was not ready to engage in personal contacts with a female. I still remember this beautiful girl named Peggy which I really had the heat on. She was beautiful, kind and fortunate … She seemed to love me. The fact that we never ended up going out on a date that has nothing to do with her personal abilities. Everything had to do with mines. She failed to start a meaningful conversation with her to allow her to be asked to go out on a date. My full loss … and I knew that. However, my inability to break the ice and continue an honest conversation with a girl made me stop and think about why I was unsuccessful in my love endeavors. I spent some time thinking about this question and then BINGO! In the end, I learned what my girls love from my struggle. "They like to talk" most of the time. I figured … well, if girls like to talk, then I need to be a good listener. The rest of my friends, is history.

Look, I didn't need a smartphone to make me feel better or learn how to talk to a girl. My humanity helped me enjoy my later teens and teens simply by pausing and thinking about the obvious. During most of my teenage years (up to the age of 16) I had trouble talking to girls. Some may consider the former a "bad" life experience. Well, I see these past struggles differently today. I thank God for the way things have ended in my life in this regard and have the ability to confront the problem and find a possible solution as a man.

When I was 16, there were no smartphones. It happened that my father had cell phones at the time, which is very unusual for Brazilians in the 1990s, but they weren't smart. I haven't had the opportunity to go online to make me feel better because I can't talk to a girl. Because I had no technology, I had to face the problem and develop very important life skills – critical thinking and listening.

Children with disabilities today because of technology. Many Millennials are having trouble with a girl instead of facing the issue head-on to find a solution … often they go to their smartphones and texts! Can't talk to a girl tonight? Go to the smartphone, watch the video with the girls and feel better. Can't find a date to go to a concert … Go to the smartphone, chat with girls on Tumbler, go ahead … Don't you have any friends? Go to the smartphone, log in to Facebook and chat! The problem is that texting will not teach any child how to talk to a girl as a man. Avoid (or inability) to talk to a real girl who cannot be replaced by watching a video about girls. The date of the prom can not be replaced by chatting with strangers on Tumbler …

What if I told you that if someone faced a problem in life and decided to ignore the issue and move sideways, they would eventually walk in a circle and take the lead for life? With or without technology. All of this technology that is supposed to make our lives better has a huge negative impact on the lives of millions of teenagers and young adults today. Indeed, it impedes them by discouraging them from facing real-life problems for technology.


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