IPod Generation is by far the most technical child and teenager.

During our teens, during the mid-1980s in India, it was difficult for us to access computers. I got a computer class in 1987, where the coach used to give us "demos" on a real machine almost once a week, and we didn't actually program on a computer. Instead, we wrote algorithms and false code, and were tested on the logic of our programs.

During my last visit to India, we visited a village school established by my great grandfather in the ancestral village of Rajarat, near Calcutta, where he grew up. The principal took us and made it clear that they have 10 computers, eighth graders learn about data structures, algorithms, and they are already writing programs in C. I have both been touched and enchanted to what extent in India's tapestry – its way has come. In this case, the tool for this achievement is an IBM educational communication program.

In the United States, of course, we have a generation of influenza that grows on computers from 3 or 4 years old.

Therefore, it is somewhat disappointing to read this post by Laura Tiffany, on the career preferences of teenagers today:

“The teens surveyed believe that innovation will pay attention to issues such as clean water (91 percent), world hunger (89 percent), diseases (88 percent), pollution reduction (89 percent), and energy conservation (82 percent). And they think gasoline and CDs are on the way out; 33 percent think gas cars will be gone by 2015 and CDs will be just a memory within 10 years, but when asked about their future career options, science, business, and engineering were not in the future. The top of the list, that honor went to Arts and Medicine (17 p Cent each); the professions of health care / medicine more attractive to girls than boys (25 per cent compared to 9 per cent). Percent, with a wide variation equally between boys and girls (24 and 4 percent, respectively). "

Well, the numbers are very different in India and China. Will the US leave Asians to do innovation and innovation?


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