Nowadays, programming is no longer intended solely for computer professionals, it has become a "necessary skill" for survival in the market.

Coding is a very incredibly valuable skill for employers and members of any business team. With programming, you can create your own website and mobile apps. If you are learning programming, you can take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level.

Everyone has equal potential and opportunity to learn the programming language easily. Today, we will be offering you a list of the best websites that will help you learn programming.

Code Academy

Code Academy is one of the best places to learn programming languages. It is a well known first stop for those looking to start their programming education.

Students can learn the code from several different courses such as:

MIT Courseware

If you want to learn code at a high-level college level – MIT Open Courseware is the best place for you. So take advantage of this opportunity and check the most important courses such as:

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Introduction to Java Programming and Practical Programming in C.


Coursera is an educational technology company offering more than 2,000 courses from 150 world-class institutions.

If you want to improve the beauty of your CV, you can obtain a paid degree from the coursework. So learn to code from Coursera and become a great programmer.


edX is the leading online learning platform that is open source rather than profitable. It was founded by top universities such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012. You must know that you will become familiar with the latest technologies and advanced theories.

EdX offers many free software, including programming courses.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is actually my favorite place to learn programming. If you are looking to learn programming in an interactive way, then Khan Academy is the best place to do it. It offers free programs such as:





And much more …

Udacity cycle

Udacity is a Stanford University project. It is one of many websites that make college courses available online for free. Stop thinking about how to learn programming.

Learn high-quality courses from a high-quality site.


Udemy Founded in 2010, Udemy is an online learning platform through which you can only learn to program every programming language. But you can also learn almost all the skills available online. Yes really! I heard that right. There are many courses you have to pay, and there are also many free programming courses, which are taught via interactive video lessons.

Google Android Course

You want to learn Android development, why not learn from The king of the internet The Google. Provides free mobile / android development courses (Beginner to expert level). Android development is a skill that you can learn to get a good paid job.


Do you need a reference book to learn programming? At GitHub, you can find more 700 free Programming books covering more than 80 Different programming languages.


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