The world has become digital and this development has led to the birth of a large number of words and services that ordinary people struggle to understand. One of those terms that often creates confusion is UI and UX. In this article, we try to help you better understand the difference between these similar sounding terms. UI is a short form that denotes User Interface and UX is short for User Experience. Both terms are somewhat related as they are important for the product. Although the roles they play are different from each other, they indicate a different part of the process.

The user interface consists of everything set in information devices such as the keyboard, mouse, display, help messages and also the appearance of the desktop. All visual parts of a computer application or operating system through which a user interacts with a computer or program is the user interface. Earlier, the user interface was limited to a few perforated card insertions and report output. With technology steadily evolving, the user can now interact with a computer over the Internet, although the user interface was just a blank display with a command line, keyboard, and a set of commands through which the user can interact with the device. The arrival of the graphical user interface (GUI) resulted in a total of the user experience of a very previous mechanical user interface. It included the aesthetic appearance of the system and the attractive content presented to the user in the context of the user interface.

The simplest way to define the term "user experience" is the complete experience of a person using a specific product, system, or service. To ensure a good user experience, the product or service must meet all user requirements. It should be easy to use and not crosslinked; a product that is easy to navigate will get better reviews and provide the best user experience. In order to provide a good user experience, a person must have a good understanding of the targeted users, their requirements, values ​​and expectations from a product or service as well as their limitations. The information provided to the user must be useful, the site must be well functioning and easy to use, the designs used must be emotionally communicable and the services generally be reliable. It automatically translates a good, innovative and easy-to-use user interface into a good user experience.


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