The most popular programming languages ​​for 2018


Technology is an inevitable necessity that has opened the long-anticipated and anticipated heart of the universe to exciting and entertaining innovations. She always dared to be at the forefront and forefront of inventions, technical creativity and novelty at its height. One cannot find a single company that is not affected by technology. Undoubtedly, technology is a cruise in this age.

However, programming languages ​​as an aspect of technology are vast and the choice of preferred languages ​​that are most popular among a hundred of languages ​​of equal popularity is, undoubtedly, a very difficult and very difficult thing, knowing well that these choices have to be done carefully And most importantly, by being unemotional. Below are lists of the most popular technologies:

Java language

Java programming language has been at the top of the chart since its introduction in the 1990s. Most world famous companies use Java to create mobile and desktop applications as well as their networks. Likewise, Java can be run on almost all systems. Gorgeous! This is huge! It is also the most popular language for Android tools. No wonder Android apps are based on Java. Java has a very strange and interesting thing. Old and old language delivery can seem to work without any pressure due to the emergence of newer versions. What is the Java programming language! This simple feature of Java has put a smile on users' face and will always remain because it will not have to bother themselves with any script rewrite once the latest versions of Java are gone.

C language

C is also a common programming language. It is always one of the oldest programming languages ​​to be adopted by big brands like Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and many more. In this current age, there is nothing we use technically, this programming language has not affected that. The "C" programming language has the characteristics that enable it to work, without a second thought, on operating systems and hidden systems. What's more, it is among the most popular programming languages ​​today.

Python language

The Python programming language is somehow different. She has a fighting spirit of consistency and consistency, and is therefore struggling on her way out to the top of the chart. just awesome! Interestingly, Python is an important and widespread language in some highly relevant technologies at this point in time. Cyber-security is one of the primary programs of this era, and it'll tickle you to know that Python is running it. It is used as an introductory program for beginners in our higher education institutions as well as the artificial mental ability.

JavaScript language

JavaScript is, without a doubt, one of the most popular programming languages ​​ever. JavaScript enables these developers to embed a responsive experience on pages on the web. Many times out of nothing, it works with HTML to create documents and websites. It's very simple and easy to operate and that's why newly started companies choose to use JavaScript.

Ruby language

Ruby is considered the best for new companies and technology developers that are just getting started. There are many reasons that are so important. How to put words together on Ruby is very beautiful and attractive. This beauty allows the technician to accompany more work with a small symbol. Again, the running web app doesn't take as long as framing others, which is why the first tech developer loves and knows the language.


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