The list of computer programming languages ​​is a great one. Choosing a programming language for learning is a difficult task since there are so many factors to consider. Below is some information about the popularity of a different programming language that may help you choose a language to learn. Popularity helps a lot because learning the most common language will have more room for you as a computer developer or programmer.

main language

The natural comparison of different studies and statistics indicates that C is the most popular language followed by Java, C ++, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl, SQL, Ruby, Shell, etc. C is the basis for all languages ​​and thus beginners prefer choosing it as a first step. All experts also recommend that anyone intending to learn a high-level language be clear with the basics of Language C. It provides an easy and brief introduction to programming concepts and techniques and helps build logic. Java, C ++ and other languages ​​become easier to understand after mastering the basics of C.

How to find a popular programming language using search engines?

The performance of queries in different search engines can give some comparison between different programming languages. People usually search for help from the Internet for specific programming languages. The most searched gives an idea of ​​what is most popular. The most requested languages ​​can be estimated by looking for job file requirements by different companies offering programming jobs. Search results and statistics from search engines show that C ++ and C are the most common programming languages. C and C ++ are the simplest high-level languages ​​and anyone who intends to become a successful programmer must first be precise with them.

Popular programming languages ​​lie mainly in industry requirements. Most requested are the most popular. Companies publish job listings seeking experience in these languages. These results show that PHP and SQL are the two most demanding languages ​​today. PHP is the common language for building web pages. SQL is the database or language supported. It is usually required simultaneously to create a successful database project or application. The Internet is the virtual world where everyone lives now. More and more webpages are uploaded daily to the Internet. Web page build required everywhere as well as PHP.

Books and other sources

Programming language popularity can also be estimated using study resources and book availability. Experts quickly write and publish new books. Any new technology comes with a number of books ready with them. There are a number of Java books written by different authors in different languages ​​that are needed everywhere. C ++ and Visual Basic books are very popular with students and learners. There are hundreds of different books available for these topics, and new books are also being written. The Internet is another great source for learning. There is a lot of electronic data available for referral to learn any language.


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