In India, supply chains are of great importance in all businesses, especially in startups because they involve coordinating all activities such as product delivery, freight transport, inventory management, etc. With the introduction of advanced technology, supply chain companies have strengthened their exposure in India and have made an impact on great services and business management operations. There are many ways in which technology has helped the rapid spread of these companies.

Enhanced communication

Advances in technology have enabled all people involved in the supply chain to communicate with each other despite remote sites. They can also easily share the important status of their work from time to time with the elderly or their staff responsible for following up on their activities. Immediately reporting work, updating job status, etc., all possible with the introduction of advanced technology and software.

Easy to track shipments

In the past years, it has been difficult to communicate with birth children or know the state of your births. With the increasing demands from customers, many programs have been developed to facilitate people in knowing the location of their orders. In the era of technology, customers as well as senior staff can track the status of shipments without much hassle. Also, customers can save records of these shipments for future reference, and may complain at any time in case of late delivery.

Monitor storage activities

As the rate of thefts and natural calamities increases, it is extremely important to keep a close watch on the expensive properties inside the warehouse. At present, there are many electronic gadgets such as CCTV cameras, satellites, electronic alarms, etc., through which supply chain companies in India can monitor the activities going on in their stocks around the clock. In the event of any thefts, the alerts automatically send alert messages to management and thus prevent products from being destroyed or seized by criminals.

Effective promotion through social media

There are many social media websites today that are regularly accessed by a virtual audience. Promoting a supply chain company through social media platforms can not only spread awareness about your business, but also can generate heavy traffic on your websites which ultimately boost your business and reach the digital world.

Build strong bonds

Supply chain management is not just limited to logistics and warehousing. It also includes building connections with as many people as possible to develop a strong chain of your business and ensure all your services are provided in a timely manner. Through numerous websites and social media platforms, supply chain companies can communicate with many prominent people, not only in India but also globally.


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