Over time, mobile technology is rapidly growing and affecting various business sectors around the world. The necessity of entertainment – almost everything is easily at your fingertips due to these revolutionary improvements in the app development industry. A successful application development process requires appropriate market research, planning, effective strategy, budgeting, etc. However, the most important part is choosing the right programming language to place your order. Below is a list of five programming languages ​​that tend to give a physical form of your vision.

# 1 HTML5

If you are looking for such a programming language that can develop web interface applications effortlessly for mobile devices, nothing can outperform HTML5. Thanks to its effective assistance, entering various types of data, streamlining response standards, etc. has become easier and smoother. More importantly, with this programming language, the application development process becomes cost-effective as well. The only problem with this notable competency language is that HTML5 is still in the suggested standard stage. However, this did not affect the immense popularity of HTML5 for creating feature rich applications in today's market.

# 2 C ++

Although mobile technology is emerging in a noticeable way, when it comes to developing any dynamic and feature-rich mobile app, so far, most developers are considering using this fully effective programming language, like C ++. With the help of C ++, developing any advanced mobile app for platforms like Windows and Android has become very easy. This language is common in low-level programming. Well, you cannot ignore the fact that C ++ is not modern or stylish compared to another handful of different options available in the era of modern technology. However, being extremely easy to implement, C ++ dominates the entire programming world from a lot before smartphones hit the market.

# 3 Swift

To develop compelling iOS apps, most iOS developers consider using this programming language. The writing code for Apple's latest APIs like Cocoa Touch and Cocoa becomes smoother and easier to use with Swift. The most surprising feature of this language is that you can avoid most of the security vulnerabilities associated with other programming language, i.e. Objective-C.

# 4 Java

In the case of developing an Android application for mobile devices, it can be said that it is the most preferred programming language. There are two distinct ways to run Java. You can either run it on any virtual machine without any browser, or you can run it in a browser window. While updating the software and reusing the code, this flexibility provides a huge advantage. Although this programming language will not help in creating iOS applications for mobile phones, Java is definitely one of the best options for developing mobile applications across systems.

# 5 C #

There is no doubt that this programming language is the best option for developing any mobile application on the Windows platform. This is an undeniable fact that Windows Phone system is not as common as other game-changing platforms such as iOS and Android. However, for professional Microsoft users, the C # programming language is the most useful option for developing robust Windows Phone applications.

Objective-C is another powerful language for creating MacOS and iOS frameworks. However, with the passage of time and constant changes in this progressive industry, this language is replaced with other effective and advanced options.


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