We all want to achieve, but to create a habit, we must start somewhere. We all start on zero and one, then create our habits and facts at the end of programming or achievement. In fact, Maxwell Maltz was right, it took twenty one days to program a habit, but a lifetime of good practice to keep a good habit going. The habits are similar to the prayer or talisman that you perform on yourself. The more you practice, the more coherent it will be in your mind and soul.

Like anything else, creating reality is the result of habits that have evolved in life, and can be negative like smoking or drinking alcohol, or positive like telling the truth and honesty all the time.

Reality is usually about everything. Developing good habits leads to a good reality, and developing bad habits leads to bad reality. I think of some sort of statistic when I think about hypnosis or mono idealism, and mono idealism means pure focused interest of course creating habits by paying attention to a pure pure focus for a long period of time. Reality is like the grooves recorded in the old record when you think about it, when you exercise it enough for enough time, it cannot do anything else but the same thing for good or bad. Good is preferred, of course, by everyone, especially by those who realize that they are doing badly for themselves or themselves.

To achieve a better reality, we must all start from scratch, usually creating from scratch. There is no real exception to this rule. Nothing comes ready, nothing easily done in that sense. We should start with a good habit of actually creating it.

Start thinking: What do I want to improve, achieve and do. So put it on a card to index yourself, write, or write in a small book or folder to go to all the time. After all, you usually think about what you ultimately want to tangible reality if you do it properly, realistically and carry the "saga" through. Without habit grooves, the record of life is just a ball of wax or a plate of wax without meaning, grooves, or fact to it.

We all want to win, but we need to create good habits and training to really do it. This is always the fact that Always Existing. Thanks for reading this idea I have about life and existence as law From Live reality.


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