Understand the dangers of computers, hackers and electronic terrorism


In today's environment, millions of people rely on computers to do chores and homework and send information to others. So it is very important to secure the information we have on our computers. If you use a computer exclusively, it is your duty to do everything you can to reduce computer risks, prevent data loss and reduce computer misuse. In the business world, data protection is crucial because company data quickly becomes one of the most valuable assets any company has. So keeping your electronic data safe from hackers is extremely important.

Computer safety risk is any action, intentional or otherwise, that may cause loss of information, important software corruption, or data corruption. Computer security risks also extend to software incompatibility or obsolescence of computers. Many cases of computer loss or damage are planned and therefore unintended. It is said that any intentional violation of computer security is a computer crime that differs slightly from the Internet crime. Internet crime is an unlawful act committed online, while a computer crime will be any unlawful behavior involving the use of a computer.

There are several distinct groups of people involved in computer crime and understanding who are important. The most common form of criminal computer business is widely known as piracy. In this case, the person uses a network or the Internet for illegal access to a computer. The pirates have also gained a bad reputation over the past ten years because they are seen as representing people in a rebellion against social systems. Some of the more recent names assigned to people who pose a threat to computer security are: crackers, electronic terrorists, internet blackmail, unethical employees, scripts, and corporate spies.

The term hacker has already been used to refer to ordinary people who have the ability to legally break into computer systems. However, with widespread use of the Internet, the hacker is now known to take illegal actions. The hacker is defined as the person who illegally accesses the computer or computer network. They often claim they do this to find a leak in network security. Recent developments in computer programming have brought about the term "moral piracy". This is an IT related term for emerging as thieves to hunt holes in your computer systems. The term cracker has never been associated with a positive thing This refers to someone intentionally accessing a computer or computer network for illegal or unethical purposes.

Cyber ​​terrorist is someone who uses a computer network or the Internet to destroy computers, websites or systems for political reasons. The intention here is to cause damage to critical systems such as the banking system or the military computer network in order to score political points. Unlike any regular terrorist attack, cyber terrorism requires highly skilled individuals, thousands of dollars to carry out, and several months of planning. The term electronic blackmail is used to refer to a person who uses emails or other electronic means of communication as an abusive weapon. For example, an electronic terrorist can access a database on the Internet, confiscate it, and erase other copies available. They can then request a ransom to release this information.

They can do their illegal job by doing other things like sending email to a very threatening company. The information they may have may be trade secrets, company data, or even personal information about a senior company official. By claiming a ransom for not releasing this information online, they participate in cyber terrorism against the company or people.

Many computer security risks are directly related to disaffected employees. This is why many major corporations in the United States have adopted sections of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002. The executives of every public company must take personal responsibility for the security of the company’s data as well as the integrity of accounting practices. It must be ensured that all stakeholders hold that the company’s data on someone like credit cards must be safe at all times. As the Internet grows, time will be limited only by other measures that will become necessary to reduce computer risks, thwart cyber terrorism, and mitigate the impact of hackers and crackers around the world.


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