Introduction: Do you want to start screen printing work or would you like to know how to print your screen so you can print your shirts but don't know how or don't know where to start? The first thing that you want to do is gain knowledge of how to print the screen before doing anything. Screen printing is an art, so don't get frustrated if you don't quite understand the terms. Once your adventures begin to print screen, it will be easier to do a lot of techniques and practices related to printing shirts with time. Trial and error seem to be the best teacher, and if you get stuck in a technical style or print go to places like YouTube and chat forums for help.

Difficulty: somewhat easy

Required Items: Water Based Inks or Plasticisol Inks, Screen Printing Equipment, Flash Dryer or Heat Gun, Light Source Specifically UV Exposure Unit, Print Clothes, Tape, Printer and Computer or Black Magic Mark and Transparency, Compression and Space Clean work.

Steps: 1. Create an image with a black mark on transparencies or print your image from a graphics program such as Corel Draw to the transparencies.
2. Find the screen printing equipment that best suits your needs.
3. Buy you screen printing equipment.
4. Emulate your screens and let them dry.
5. Copy your photos to screens with your photos on transparency papers recorded on the front side of the screen.
6. Expose the UV image for 6 minutes using the UV exposure unit.
7. Clean the exposed emulsion from UV exposure with water.
8. Install the screen and lock the attachments supplied with the print setting.
9. Apply ink color.
10. Print the image on the fabric.
11. Dry until the ink runs out or is cured.

General advice:

When pressing and pressing the screen, be sure to tilt the mop at a 45% angle.

Ensure a good, fast and clean ink cleaning with pressure.

Ensure that all sides of the screen are recorded so that ink does not work through the screen and on the fabric.

General Warnings: Do not let the toner set on screens for a long time. Clean all ink screens after using print.


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