At that time of the year again.

The crash happened in San Francisco, as thousands of founders, investors, and technologists poured into the Moscone Center.

Today we’ll start with a heated conversation with Blue Origin’s Bob Smith on the stage and a billboard on how to create a billion dollar SaaS company with Neeraj Agrawal (Battery Ventures), Jyoti Bansal (Harness) and Whitney Bouck (HelloSign).

Other first-day speakers included Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Aaron Levy, Jennifer Tejada, YouTube, Neil Mohan, Will Smith and Ang Lee.

Next, we’ll head to Disrupt Battlefield, where 20 companies will launch their products on the main stage in front of a panel of expert experts hoping to win the Disrupt Cup, $ 100,000 and eternal glory.

It will be a wonderful day, and we are glad to bring it to you directly here.

View the agenda here.


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