When considering an IT degree in Singapore, you will definitely need to take a look at the IT degree programs offered by NUS (National Universities in Singapore), NTU (Nanyang Technological University) and SMU (Singapore University of Management). This article will take you to the various IT degrees offered by NTU and SMU.

National Taiwan University is one of the largest public universities in Singapore which has an international reputation for intensive higher education research. It is one of the fastest growing research universities and the largest engineering college in the world. The College of Computer Engineering at NTU currently offers two degrees in Information Technology: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering) and Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science).

A Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Computer Engineering) (NTU) is a four-year program designed to produce engineers trained in a range of experiences that use microelectronics and computer science to design computer systems for real-time applications in industry and commerce, combining knowledge from both sciences Computer and electronics engineering. This degree program will be suitable for those who have a good foundation in electronics and interest in IT hardware.

Another option is a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Computer Science) (NTU) degree. It is also a four-year program that focuses more on the effective application of computer technology in the industry. There is also a focus on the practical design of reliable and effective software to meet specific specifications. This will suit those who want to use and design the software.

SMU was the first government-funded private university in Singapore. SMU University was established in early 2000 and is now an independent, government-funded university similar to NUS and NTU. The Faculty of Information Systems at SMU University currently offers a Bachelor of Science degree (Information Systems Management).

A Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management) (SMU) degree does not mean making computers or fixing IT equipment. It comes to designing, building, deploying and managing software applications that solve business problems and challenges. The program is strongly influenced by academic and industrial leaders who understand the forces of global change and the important use of information technology in business settings.

From computer science to computer engineering and computational biology, local universities in Singapore offer a wide range of IT degree programs to choose from. Whether you intend to pursue an IT career in the future or not, getting an IT degree will definitely open up a whole new world of opportunity for you. So be sure to visit the university open houses to learn more and register for your favorite program today.


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