In general, the term 'communications technology' can refer to any technology that allows its users to communicate with each other. With this definition (unauthorized), two-way radios and mobile phones fall into the category of communications technology '.

The term also refers to computers and computer related businesses. Here in the UK, schoolchildren study a topic called 'Information and Communications Technology' This symbolizes 'Information and Technology' (although when this rapidly aging writer was at school , It was known as "information technology" or "information technology").

As the Internet has become a more prevalent part of our society, communication over long distances has become much easier. In fact, these types of connections have become easier than ever in human history. Ergo, it makes sense that computers are a prime form of communications technology.

Everyday basic business like checking your emails, updating your feed on Facebook or Twitter, answering the phone or receiving Skype calls are all part of the communication technology 'as well as the two-way radios used by public transportation, security companies and emergency services .

A person who earns his power by working with 'comms tech' is likely to be involved in the design, construction, implementation or maintenance of communication systems. These systems may include radio networks, cell phone providers, phone companies, and even television. It is a wide and constantly expanding field, which makes it difficult to ascertain exactly what a person really does if they include him as his job title.

When someone tells you it's a plumber, for example, you'll get a broad idea of ​​what they're doing to make a living all day long. If I tell you that I am a professional author, you have at least some ideas for what this entails. A person working in the field 'comm tech' can do almost anything.

In case you are wondering, the Internet itself can be considered as a communication technology, given that anyone who uploads videos or writes blogs is the second communication in which those blogs are read or viewed these videos.

The telecom sector is a huge field, and I think you agree with it, it is a very important field. Without the ability to communicate with others, whether over short distances on your mobile phone or much longer distances (such as the distance between our UK office and your home on the African continent), this world would be a completely different place.


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