First of all we need to know what is computer science and engineering?

Computer science and engineering (CSE) is a mixture of two areas: computer science and computer engineering.

CSE is a general topic dealing with computers and software. It includes a variety of computational topics, such as abstract analysis of algorithms, formal grammar, and topics such as programming languages, software and software design, and computers. It includes software design (compilers, operating systems), and hardware design (RAM, CPU, etc.). In other words, this is the study of computers that provide information about devices and operating systems for example records, multitasking granules, data buses, address buses, and so on. This branch of engineering is the study of the principles of computing that helps an individual understand how computers solve problems. As a computer professional, one can find employment in many settings in academia, research, industry, government, and business organizations. The role of the computer engineer is to analyze, formulate, test solutions to solutions, work in product development teams, multimedia devices, and more. After taking a course in computer science, one can research in various fields such as artificial intelligence, computer design and engineering, computer engineering, information technology, software engineering, computer theory, operating systems, networks, and software applications.

At CSE, we study principles of engineering that involve design, engineering, development, integration, and computer system testing at almost all levels. This branch of engineering also includes applied fields in mathematics, science, electrical theory, electronics, materials engineering, and programming. Computer science and engineering students will learn basic engineering techniques, like other engineering students, during the first year course. These techniques include engineering mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering drawing. Since the second year, they have been exposed to basic subjects in computer science such as programming, data structures, digital logic, theoretical computer science, algorithms, computer networks, operating systems, web technologies, databases, and computer engineering. CSE is related to the invention and development of software and hardware.

This is really an excellent area for opportunities in both software and graduate companies. Since computing is applied widely to almost every path of life, it has created massive jobs for CSE students. Meanwhile, more demand and application of research funding has been kept alive and attracted many students to choose postgraduate studies.


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