Gone are the days when cartoonists and cartoonists attempted to photograph animations with hand-drawn drawings and drawings. The great Walt Disney used to direct most of his early works manually. His work is the pinnacle and inspiration of modern animation artists and graphic designers around the world.

Contemporary animated films are the pinnacle of the modern film industry. Such a premiere of graphics, animation and CGI has never been seen before by viewers.

Technological developments in the field of information technology and design, have enabled a wide range of possibilities for modern day cartoonists. It has become much easier for artists in the field of animation and animation to be ambitious in their endeavors because the technology of our time is very lenient, with new and radical developments occurring every day.

Animation has come a long and arduous way from its beginnings, as modern animation creations have become so realistic that you can communicate and touch them.

The emergence of advanced computers and computer applications over the years has been revolutionary and must be credited with the success of the current animation industry.

Technological developments in the animation industry is a never-ending process that is expected to grow at a very fast speed, and rather exceeds the current trend "bigger and better".

Take CGI, for example, computer generated images override applicable physical laws. Animators can make their animated characters impossible, sometimes strange, and succeed with advanced CGI.

The current state of CGI is the result of innovations in the way we solve computer algorithms and improve the compression of integrated circuits, as well as develop various programs.

CGI is not only cost effective but also cost effective. It is a cheaper alternative to any other form of animation, not to mention the need to create mini-sets and expensive scenarios. Of course, she has her own weaknesses. CGI animations yet to capture complex human emotions and movements.

No matter how realistic a moving person is, he will still have limited movements and reactions. Paul Ekman, the American psychologist, has classified human emotions into 6 types, universally present in all people in the world. The six feelings she knew were happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, and disgust. The seventh passion added, later, this contempt.

Cartoonists have not been able to capture all of the above feelings, yet, as this technological transformation takes place every day, this may actually be very soon.

So, what does the future hold for animation and animation?

Well, it's a never-ending process, and the future looks bright for animation and animation. For one, realistic rendering is used in animation, specifically.

Paul Walker's death was devastating, for fans of the Fast & The Furious franchise and the Brothers movie in general. What was even more disappointing was the fact that he perished in the middle of filming Furious 7.

But this did not stop filming the film instead, the film was completely completed with the help of a real-time portrait presentation, where a double or virtual digital actor, complete with the look and feel of Paul Walker, along with Walker's brother, were used to wrap up the movie.

This technology, which was largely unavailable, a decade or so ago, would make the film useless and probably on the shelf. The sudden death of the main actor would have eliminated all pictures. In extreme cases, where millions are spent and cancellation is not an option, the studio is likely to spend millions of others re-filming with a new actor, hoping to save the movie.

Today is not far off as filmmaking will be a much cheaper proposition, as it will be easier to replace actors with their digital appearance. Imagine being able to digitally revive the actor, who long ago died or was unavailable for a specific shoot, due to a scheduling conflict.

Animation will continue to evolve and grow to a size that may exceed the current scenario. Human ingenuity is boundless. As long as we have dreamers, there will be a steady flow of advanced technologies, with animation to a new level.


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