The President of the United States recently announced his new semi-classified policy of Notboots on the ground, in a country where Syria has more or less. Maybe that 'shoe on Not On the ground, "But why do you whisk on little things? Moreover, more importantly, but not less obscure, it was Cudecell who had no US notboots It will be centered on the front lines. Who should say what this front line is Labs Resembles? Enter the front lines measuring drones!

This talented and specialized aircraft uses global positioning science to measure the distance from theoretically calculated enemy frontline tracking (Echo Foxtrot Lima Tango – EFLT – to those who know) to individual points for uniform U.S. positions – friendly forces soldiers (FFLAT). In the smallest seconds, the drone computer will analyze and adjust data in real time on footnotes on the ground, then issue full detailed orders with the odds of success, and the percent error spreads. It will be connected to every united point in the U.S. with GPS, it is dispatched within 30 seconds. Unified points in the United States will be requested to stay, or to move in the direction and distance given in meters ("vector of progress", for those who will hear this and be aware of in the future). Consequently, each consolidated point will receive continuous electronic orders to maintain the distance between the non-forward lines. Future luxury drone models will also be able to obtain square roots and send nutritional advice at a very low cost to taxpayers.

The smart national CEO clearly understands that even very good computer algorithms can be compromised by a smart enemy. The enemy will constantly look for weaknesses in programming, and look for countermeasures. For this reason, the National Executive Headquarters will hold regular seminars during which positions on lessons are presented, and parameters are adjusted. Immediately thereafter, a symposium will be held to discuss the meaning of the term “teacher.”

Of course, there is always that University of Kansas junior graduate from ROTC, a top-level computer genius to boot (to the ground), who just has to raise his hand with a clever side question. “Oh, sir, how about that when a small number of echoes of Foxtrot Lima Tango skips and quickly heads toward friendly forces? Did the drone order a pullout, uh, Reverse vector movement For our shoes? "

Then the pioneering deputy director Charles Barkbones grabbed the microphone, giving an equal response, "meaning Mike Foxtrot heading to Foxtrot Lima Tango will permanently ruin his day in zero – two minutes with mixed ammunition fire from the first five drones in …"

The director (name withheld by Doha International Airport) grabs the microphone from his deputy, and smoothly concludes the discussion, "Thank you. Chuck will continue to have a tactical briefing in two hours, TBD room."

At this point, we must say that research on this important military defense system is ongoing. Some reliable sources indicate that the program for this marvel is being developed by Donald Henry Rumsfeld, Head of Product Development and Publishing. Zones and drones R Us . Politics must be alive.


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