NLP, also known as NLP, is an indispensable tool for a man who trains to become an alpha male. NLP is a big topic, so search for it online if you want to know all the minute details on this topic. For the purposes of this article, I'd like to focus on teaching you how a technique called "anchoring" can help you become an alpha male.

The installation works like this:

  1. Remember a moment when you felt confident, dominant, and Alpha.
  2. Close your eyes, and relive all the sensation associated with this experience. Make all tastes, sight, sound, smell and touch as alive and vibrant as possible. Let the feelings of confidence associated with this moment grow and take over.
  3. Now you can portray yourself in situations you want to take on her confident feelings, such as talking to a woman at the club or interviewing for a job.
  4. Continue to let feelings of confidence and self-esteem increase. Count from one to ten, and since each number allows you to feel confident, it swells more
  5. When you feel confident and safe overflowing in your alpha mode, when your feelings and self-assertion reach their climax, you are ready to think of an anchor. Anchor, in the world of NLP, is a physical gesture that causes you to experience a sensation. The anchor can be anything from pinching the left thumb, to pulling your right ear, to snapping your fingers. You know this song that makes you happy every time you hear it because it reminds you of the most amazing holidays you've ever had? This work at work!
  6. Repeat this process several times, to become more comfortable with it and increase your anchor strength.

Congratulations – your anchor has been set! Now, whenever you feel that you need additional confidence boosting in order to become an alpha male, you can provoke the feelings of trust and dominance that have attached it to the broadcaster by simply performing the associated movement. Pinch your thumb, pull your ear, or snap your fingers and voila: an instant alpha mindset.


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